Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bellows Beach- Hawaii

Bellows Beach, Hawaii


Did I mention before that we went to Hawaii before going to Philippines and before going back here to the states? Well I think I have a lot of post to catch up here hehehe. I have to share my photos when we were in Hawaii! I love their beach so much!

We went to Hawaii last August, we're supposed to check our house there but we didn't have time to check it though hehehe, we were busy meeting up with our friends and going to different beaches; we're selling it anyway so I don't want to see it while me crying :-( I think I will be missing our house there once it gets sold.

We were stationed in Hawaii for 4 years before we were stationed in Misawa, Japan. I miss Hawaii so much and so we decided to visit our friends there and enjoy the beaches of Hawaii . It was just a month plan though but we even got to see the Air Supply Concert, thanks to my friends who paid our concert tickets ;-)

Bellows Beach is operated by the US Air Force. During weekdays, it is only open to those with military or dependent's ID but on the weekend it's open to public and a lot of people come to this gorgeous beach with white sands and aqua clear water that for me is the best among the beaches in Hawaii. I have to go here than going to Waikiki hehehe.

The beach is ideal for kayaking and boogie boarding (which I enjoy doing it) they also offer snorkeling and surfing classes. They have cabins where you can stay overnight, picnic tables, pavillions, miniature golf and paintballs. By the way, did you see me boogie boarding? lol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Subic Trip- Philippines

Zoobic Safari


This post is just my continuation of my Subic trip, so my travelog continues here....

Original Lacoste hehehe

those are real crocodiles!!

Croco Loco at Subic Zafari trip

Aeta trail is still in Zoobic Safari

Aeta- are indigenous people who live in mountainous part of Luzon, Philippines; some live in Subic

Aeta, showing their monkey dancing

The audience

Ocean Adventure

We were late when we came here after the Zoobic Safari so we just took pictures in front of the sign ;-)

Camayan Beach Resort

After posing at the Ocean Adventure we were hungry already and we decided to take a peek of this place, we liked it!

The Cousins (my daughter and my nephew pretending to be in a movie Titanic hehehe)

Camayan Beach Resort

We just played in the sand since we didn't swim ;-)

We ate our late lunch here at 5pm, hmmm I think it's early dinner then

Goodbye Subic!

Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX)