Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zoobic Safari, Subic Philippines

Subic, Philippines- Oct. 4, 2010

During our vacation in the Philippines, few days before we left, we went to Zoobic Safari in Subic Zambales, Oct 4, 2010. It was a 3 hour drive from Quezon City or maybe 4 or 5 hours if you get stuck in the traffic ;-). Zoobic is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone formerly known as the US Naval Base, Subic Bay. Subic Base was the largest U.S. Navy installation in the Pacific and was the largest overseas military installation of the United States Armed Forces after Clark Air Base in Angeles City was closed in 1991. It took us 20 minutes to get to this location just from the main gate of the Subic base.

The entrance where we seated for 10minutes while waiting for the tourist guide's instructions prior to our trip inside the zoobic safari

While waiting I read this sign in front of the white tiger's cage

And this is below the sign, the white tiger walking around his cage ;-)

This is where you can take a souvenir photo with this tiger, we didn't take the chance, we're all scared to try hahaha

The tram that takes you to the Tiger Safari, you have the option to ride this tram and pay I think 50 pesos per person (~$1) or just drive your own vehicle. Well, since it was too hot that day we opted to stay in our van hehehe and followed the tram

Another tram, this is the one we followed up to the Tiger's Safari

This is the jeepney that we rode and we drove around the Tiger Safari and saw Siberian Tiger, that day there was only one tiger showed up since all were in the cage maybe due to the hot weather or maybe they were full already hehehe

I paid 200 pesos (~$4) to feed the tiger with the chicken by our trained guide

I was 1 foot apart from the tiger's mouth hehehe, so scared....after the tiger ate some part of the chicken our guide threw the chicken on top of our jeepney and the tiger jumped on it so he was on top of us during our tour hehehe I wish I was able to take the picture of it

This is the sleeping tiger inside the cage, we went to their cages...that's why not a lot of tigers showed up they're all sleeping hehehe...I took this photo in between the rails of the cage

Another tigers! You should be outside!!

"Ostrich, where's your head??" hehehe

wild boars and sheep during our Savannah tour

the camel is so friendly he even posed with my nephew hahaha

Albino Carabao- carabao (water buffalo subspecies) is the national animal of the Philippines

Carabaos are associated with farmers, being the farm animal helper to sow and plow rice and vegetables but albino carabaos can't do this, they can't stand the heat of the sun (lucky you albino! just stay in the zoo hehehe)

Our english speaking tour guide with rodent world sign, well done bro!

Philippine eagle owl....wait I can't see its eyes! I didn't know that owl can turn its head up to 180 degrees that's why its head is facing the back hehehe

And then the owl turned its head facing me ;-)

My son feeding the love birds

We saw these monkeys along the road while we were driving inside the Subic base going to Zoobic Safari, we stopped for awhile just to take pictures

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Osan Air Base, Korea

Osan Air Base Main Gate

The pictures below were taken along the Sinjang shopping mall area just right off the base

Korean street food

These 2 old men were here the whole day playing this board game

Menu at the small fast food store just right off the Osan base

Bulgogi Burger


It's been almost 2 months of no blogs, sorry for this delay I've been busy lately.....packing, traveling, reunions, outings and so forth. Anyway here's the first trip we had...it's in Korea!!!

Osan Air Base is located in the Songtan section of Pyeongtaek City, South Korea, south of Seoul. Despite its name, Osan AB is not within Osan City.

Our trip:

Misawa, Japan to Osan, Korea:

Sept. 13 when we stepped off the land of the rising sun.....it was a heartbreaking scenario to leave Japan, it's been a short tour for us but I will surely miss the food, people and its culture....and my travelog about Japan!

Anyways, before our PCS (permanent change of station) to Washington state, we had plans already of visiting our home country, Philippines since it's only 5 hours away from Japan. It may take us years before we can visit again our family back there once we are back in the US.

We took the space-A (free fare) from Misawa AB, Japan to Osan, Korea before heading to Philippines. This was the cheapest fare that we could avail just to visit Philippines (note: I just resigned from my job so "tight budget" hehehe). From Korea to Philippines we only paid $730 for round trip tickets for 4 of us already (less than $200 each). That is so CHEAP compared to buying tickets from Misawa to Philippines via JAL, usually it costs $800 or more for each passenger. We bought the tickets 1 month prior to our departure.

We stayed 3 days and 2 nights at Osan's billeting, the Turumi Lodge and we explored the "Sinjang Shopping Mall" or the famous "Songtan" area which is just right off the main gate. I was drooling already when I saw cheap stuff on every store they have there, such as: mink blankets, souvenirs, jars, jerseys, jewelries, toys, shoes, bags, gowns, leather jackets, clothes, clothes and more clothes!!

BUT....... I can't buy any of those since we were only allowed 1 luggage for each passenger with 15 kilos max weight (going to Philippines)....sigh...then I realized we're still going back here so I still have a chance to buy more once we get back from Philippines (crossing my fingers hahaha).

That's it! I didn't buy anything from Korea! :-) My husband was so happy....not me :-'(


According to wikipedia:

Space available travel is a privilege that derives, in part, from United States Code, title 10, section 4744, which states, "officers and members of the Military Departments, and their families, when space is available, may be transported on vessels operated by any military transport agency of the Department of Defense". Space available travel is defined as "travel aboard DoD owned or controlled aircraft and occurs when aircraft are not fully booked with passengers traveling under orders".