Wednesday, April 17, 2013

City Tour, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast

Palo Alto 

Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Badjao Seafront

View from Badjao

Seaweed Salad

Calamares (Fried Squid)
Sinigang na Isda (Fish Sour Soup)

Buko (Coconut) juice

City Tour
American POW's Palawan Massacre Monument @ Plaza Cuartel

Palawan Massacre Monument

My son, carrying the "kalesa"


Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Crocodile Farm

Inside the crocodile farm 

This is the walkway to see crocodiles 

A lot of "Lacoste" hehehe......Crocodiles

Baby Crocodiles

Bear Cat
Bear Cat or "Binturong" 

Mitra's Ranch with the zipline

Our first day in Palawan was the city tour.  
We were 7 people when we went to Palawan: my husband, my son, my Dad, my step mom, mother-in-law and brother-in-law (who's from Canada).  That's our treat to them since we had hectic schedule (only 11 days) we decided to bring them to Palawan to spend quality time with them, although it's kind an expensive tour though hehehe but it's ok as long I see them happy, that's how we share our blessings with them.

Here's our itinerary, so you'll have an idea how much is the tour package.  That time the forex rate was $1= 41 pesos.

RATE PER PERSON : PHP 11,250.00 (~$275)
 - 3 nights accommodation at Palo Alto Bed And Breakfast
 - Round trip airport transfer
 - Welcome Drink
 - Plated Daily Breakfast (choose from American. Filipino, Continental)
 - Round trip airfare via Zest air
 - City Tour (visit : Crocodile Farm, Bakers' Hill, Sta. Monica Ranch, Butterfly Garden, Bay walk)
 - Underground River Tour (includes: Buffet Lunch, Tour fees & permits, boat  rides, van transportation, licensed tour guide.)
 - Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour (includes: 3 islands to visit, tour fees & permits, Licensed tour guide, van transportation, boat rides, Picnic Lunch)
 - Fully air-conditioned room 
 - Free Wi-Fi internet connection at public areas 
 - LCD Cable TV 
 - Mini Ref 
 - Hot/Cold Shower 
 - Room Intercom System
 - Pool Access 24-hour security 
 - 24-hour generator 
 - Pool Access 
 - Free shuttle service to city proper.

July 17, 2012, our first day in Palawan:  Upon arrival from the airport we were picked up by the Palo Alto's driver and the tour guide ( I forgot his name hehehe) and checked-in at the hotel.  The road going to the hotel  was bumpy, rough and the area was so secluded.  It's far from the city and you really need to have a car to get inside the area.  

Around noon we headed straight to Badjao Seafront since we were craving already.  The restaurant has a nice ambiance and so relaxing and while you're eating you can view the sea and the mangroves around us.  The seafood are superb!  

After lunch we went to see the Plaza Cuartel, where we saw the Palawan Massacre Monument, it's good to refresh our Philippine history during world war II.  Actually, I was not paying attention with our tour guide I was after taking pictures of the area hehehe. But upon reading what it says on the monument I was really stunned and shocked what was happened during that time.

The monument reads:

"American POW’s were massacred in this place on December 14, 1944.  On that day Japanese guards stationed here in Palawan ordered American POWs under their control into the air raid shelters.

Japanese soldiers suddenly poured gasoline on and into the American POW shelters and set them a fire with flaming torches, followed by hand grenades.

As the American POW’s, engulfed in flames broke out of the fiery death traps, their Japanese guards machine gunned, bayoneted, decapitated and clubbed them to death."


After Plaza Cuartel we headed to Crocodile Farm, the weather didn't cooperate much, it was raining.  After walking around the farm we saw the bear cat, I took some pictures of my son and my Dad carrying the bear cat. Palawan calls it "binturong."

We drove up to Mitra's Ranch and took some pictures of the view.  That day I think the zipline was closed or maybe I just didn't see people going the zipline.  It's still raining when we swung by the Baker's Hill, we just went inside to buy some food like hopia, polvoron and cashew nuts and didn't have the chance to explore the place.  

We drove by the bay walk but it's nothing in there to see since it's gloomy so we decided to go back to the hotel.  Our tour guide even asked us if we want to go back for firefly watching in the evening but we decided not to since we were very exhausted from the flight and the city tour we had and besides it was raining that day.  

Month of July is really not a good time to visit Philippines, it's rainy season.