Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lake Wenatchee State Park


Lake Wenatchee State Park

It's been 7 months since I posted my travelog here. I was so busy with my work and didn't have the chance to update my blog. And finally I'm back!!!

Anyways, I will be posting my random pictures from my travelog during my absence here in the world blog, and hopefully I'll find time more to visit my other favorite blogs :-)

Lake Wenatchee State Park is in Leavenworth, Washington a 3-hour drive from our house.  We never had any intineraries when we went to Leavenworth.....actually it was never a plan to go visit that place during the 3-day Memorial Holiday weekend in May. We just took a chance to look for a cabin that Friday and we just so lucky and found one cabin, although it was in the middle of nowhere with no internet and wi-fi :-) but it was fun and enjoyable adventure!! We stayed there 3 days and 2 nights....I hope I'll have time to post our pics here....hopefully soon hehehe

On our first morning in Leavenworth while we were driving to downtown we saw this Lake Wenatchee State Park sign so I asked my husband if we can see that and to our surprise.....we were stunned with this amazing view, so breathtaking.  I hope you guys like this too.