Monday, January 13, 2014

Universal Studios, Orlando Florida (Part 1)

Our multi-day tickets

Hard Rock Cafe outside the Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Boat Ride

Which Way?

Universal Studios entrance

Universal Studios Stores

Transformers 3D Ride, long line

More stores

The Universal's globe 


Curious George Town

Men In Black 

Men in Black's Tower

Krusty burger- yummy!!!

The Simpsons
Rip Ride Rock It Ride

Who's This?

Despicable Me's Gru 

Sponge Bob Float during the parade

Patrick from Sponge Bob
Despicable Me Float

The minions during the parade

The Twister

Rip Ride Rock It Ride

Dora, the explorer
Bye Dora!

Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal City Walk, the largest hard rock cafe


June 25, 2013- This is still the continuation of our road trip, sorry for this super late post.  We arrived in Orlando,  June 23, Sunday from almost a week of road trip, we got so exhausted and so we took a couple of days' rest  before we hit Universal Studios.  We stayed in Orlando until June 29th, Saturday so we had 6 days exploring Orlando.  

We explored Universal Studios for 2 days, the second day we went to Islands of Adventure and that would be on my next post hehehe.  About the rides....well we were not brave enough to take those scary roller coaster rides hehehe 

I hope you enjoy my pictures.  


docgelo said...

Ang saya!!!

I was really smiling ear to ear while browsing your photos of Universal Studios! Lahat ng photos ang ganda!!! walang bola iyan! :)

Thank you for sharing those wonderful shots! Fantastic!!! :)

Photo Cache said...

what a fun place, where everyone can be a kid again.

Missy said...

docgelo- thank you for visiting my blog and like my photos hehehe

Missy said...

photo cache- thanks yes, this is the place where we feel like a kid again hehehe

Reena said...

Ang saya naman! At may minions pa! Parang maskonti tao kesa sa Disneyland, no? :)

Missy said...

Reena- actually there's a lot of people too, the waiting time for transformer ride that time was 3hours, it looks fewer people kasi malaki itong Universal, Orlando compared to Disneyland.

bertN said...

We've been to the one in LA but the one in Orlando looks like a better version. Thanks for the quick pictorial tour.

Missy said...

bertN- yes Orlando is better than the one in Anaheim, I've been there too

orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Missy;
So sorry for my belated comment. I have no experience for the amusement park like this even in Japan. Maybe I wasn't able to blessed with kids p;) Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures; they are truly eye feast for me♡♡♡ Looks SO much fun!

Oh, the cherry blossoms season will come soon; they sure are really beautiful and make them so as they are transient.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*