Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sutamina Taro (All-You-Can-Eat) Restaurant

Sutamina Taro Restaurant

Yakiniku (Barbecue)

Yummy barbecue!

Make your own pancake or crepe (just follow the pictures)

Cotton Candy Machine

How to make a cotton candy

Pour the sugar into the hole

Get the paper stick and grab the cotton, simple!

My son, getting the cotton candy from the machine

Inside the restaurant



Tako yaki (octopus ball), shrimp tempura, chicken karaage

Orange, apple and lychees

The food section

Sutamina Taro Restaurant- Jan 2, 2010

Last week we're supposed to go to Oki Doki Recycle Shop but we found out that it was closed already, it's actually permanently closed maybe out of business or they moved to a different place (I don't know what's the actual reason, I'm just guessing hehehe). We thought that we missed the store so we even turned around and saw no sign of Oki doki, it's really closed. We saw the actual store with no signs and no displays inside and it's empty (I should have taken that picture too LOL).

Anyways, we were hungry that time so we ended up going to a yakiniku restaurant which is a few blocks away from that store. I just found out the real name, while I'm writing this post I asked my daughter if she can read the name of the restaurant. So there you's Sutamina Taro! Thanks for having a daughter who's taking Japanese class ;-)

This restaurant is an All-You-Can-Eat, it offers a lot of varieties of dishes such as sushi (of course hehehe), ramen, udon, soba, tako yaki, chicken karaage (fried boneless chicken), salad, french fries, fruits, desserts such as cheese cake, mochi, strawberry cake and many more. You can make your own cotton candy and crepe which are the 2 favorite things that my son like to do here.

I think this was our 5th times eating in this buffet restaurant; some of the pictures above were taken last August and last week ( I combined them).

Price: (this is weekend and holiday price only)

Adults- 1980 yen (~$22)
Children- 1340 yen ($15)

The weekday's price is cheaper but forgot the price probably 1000 yen for adults


Directions (for US military newcomers here in Misawa):

Using back road not the toll road : (We always use this route since we are far from the toll road entrance and to save from toll fees hehehe)

1. Go out from the Falcon or POL Gate
2. Go straight and make a left on Universe
3. Go straight (pass Eneos gas station and family mart), make a right when you see Lawson on the right and Esso gas station on the left
4. Go straight all the way to Hachinohe (approximately 30 minutes or more from this intersection), this is route 45
5. At the end of the road is the T-intersection ( so you won't worry of getting lost) where you will see the Sega World, make a right on this T-intersection (you may get confused but this is still route 45)
6. Go straight (pass Popeye Pachinko and you should pass the Yellow hat on your left side)
7. Make a left on Route 29 (going to Kabushima), the landmark intersection is the Cyber Pachinko & Slot
8. The restaurant is on your right (you would pass Uni Q Glo on the right hand side)
9. You will make a U-turn when you see the Pachinko Parlor on your left hand side (be careful the road is a bit narrow for a van to u-turn)

Using Toll Road:

(Note: You should know how to drive going to Hachinohe using toll road before you can follow this directions since I'm too lazy to type hehehe)

1. When you exit the Hachinohe toll road, turn right onto route 45
2. Go straight until you hit the T-intersection (You will see Sega World)
3. Follow steps 6 to 9 on above directions



bertN said...

The weekend pricing sounds reasonable to me considering the wide variety of food they have. No senior rate?

Missy said...

BertN- no senior rate here in Japan hehehe, the price is cheaper if weekdays but I think the weekend price is maybe cheaper than Todai in CA (oh by the way I miss Todai hehehe)

Lyana said...

That's great! Something different to try. Your pictures are excellent, by the way.