Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Naqua Shirakami Hotel and Ski Resort ( Formerly known as Ajigasawa Ski Resort)

Naqua Shirakami Hotel

The Gondola station (??)

The parking lot

The gondola lifts

The Tubes

Another view of Gondola

My son lying on the snow, feeling its soft powder LOL

The snow mobile

That was........a Japanese guy (I wish it was me LOL), overlooking Sea of Japan

Our dinner


Dec. 25, 2009- We went to Naqua Shirakami Ski Resort, we had no potluck parties to attend and no prepared foods at home so we just decided to go skiing and snowboarding there. I knew it would be few people (because it's Christmas Day) and that would be a good timing for beginners like us :-) to practice skiing and snowboarding!

As usual we didn't plan this trip ahead of time, what else do I expect with my husband (hehehe); Dec. 24 when we decided to rent ski and snow board gears at Outdoor Recreation Center on base, it would be cheaper than renting at the ski resort. We paid ~$60 for 2 skis and 2 snow board equipments. Our plan was to drive up there in the morning and return in the evening. We went to ITT to ask for hotel package overnight but it's so expensive, it's 13,000 yen (~$148) per person maybe because it's short notice already (2 days before Christmas). My husband didn't get it.

While driving there, again......we got lost! I was the GPS of my husband and I just followed Misawa's insider's driving directions. It says there that we have to exit at the end of Tsugaru's Expressway but I noticed that they extended the expressway and the exit should now be before the end of expressway but I don't know the name of where should you exit then (that directions should be updated!!). After 30 minutes of driving around we finally found the main road, the 101 route.

We had a nice weather that day, it didn't snow nor rain, it's really perfect timing! But we were hungry, so we ate lunch first in their food court around 1pm. My husband had a terrible headache and tried to check available rooms so we could stay overnight and he won't have to drive back that night (because I won't too hehehe). We were lucky, they have rooms available. They charged as 11,000 yen (~$125) per adult and 88,000 yen ($100) per child. We took it and we paid 42,900 yen for 2 rooms, 2 adults and 2 children and they added 500 yen each room for the choice of connected rooms . The package includes dinner and breakfast buffet plus lift tickets for 1 day (Dec. 25 and 26). Lift ticket costs 4,000 yen each person if we didn't get the package. I don't know why Japan hotels are charging per person and not per room. So we didn't waste our money we ate a lot of crab legs during our dinner LOL.

This was our second time to go skiing and snowboarding and until now we're not that good at this sports hehehe. When we reached the peak of the mountain by riding the lift, (it's 921m or 3021 ft high and took us 10 to 15 minutes) we were very scared, the slope was too steep for us !!! And we even asked the Japanese guy that if he's sure that's for beginners' course and he said the same thing, "hai" (yes) so we stayed for few minutes, taking pictures and then.....we didn't convince ourselves to take the chance. We decided to take the lift going back down the hill (don't laugh! LOL) and said to the Japanese crew, "kowai" (scary) hehehe. Lucky nobody was around to see us going riding back in the same lift of course that Japanese crew only hehehe. So we ended up staying on the foot of the hill trying to ski, our kids learn snowboarding that quick. But my husband and I ....never mind hehehe. I was just posing for a picture and my ski slid all the way down...and can't control my skis so I just let myself hit the snow with butt first LOL

By the way I did try the onsen (hot spring tub), we were only few people there it was uncomfortable going to onsen ...naked! I think that would be my first and last try, it's a good experience though.

Dec. 26- Driving back home, I still used "The Insider's directions" fortunately we hit the right roads and saw the Jusco mall, we stopped by and did quick shopping for our friend's daughter's gift, we were invited for a birthday party that night (short notice too hehehe). It took us 2 hours to reach Misawa Air Base and just in time to return the equipments. What a trip, so tired, my legs were sore.

Driving Directions:

Just ask Japanese friends or co-workers, we got lost going up there hehehe.


Patty said...

Oh, I was wish I could be someone skiing right now. I love to ski. Your son is a hoot lying in the snow.

Missy said...

Thanks Patty for stopping by. Oh you should come visit Japan to ski ;-)

ricky said...

I wish to ski in japan where I can enjoy skiing and learn Japanese there with the new skiing equipment. There are many ski resort facilities offered by japan.

kilala said...

I'm sorry to hear that your husband's headache cost a lot of money.But if you go to Colorado, ski lift will cost $100 per adult a day.By the way the crab looks awesome!

bertN said...

Have a great 2010!!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the title of your blog attracted my attention. I enjoyed your post and photos. I love traveling and I thought it would be neat to follow your travels.

Anthony said...

Thanks for keeping me informed about the Ajigasawa ski resort. I think it is the top ski resort in that place.

Missy said...

Ricki- thanks for dropping by, yes there are many ski resorts here that you could visit and ski

kilala- hehehe that's true, so expensive to have a headache especially if you're the designated driver. So the lift ticket is cheaper here compared to Colorado then, here is like $45/day and I'm complaining already hehehe

bertN- Happy New Year! thanks for being one of my followers here in travelog last 2009 and hopfeully this 2010 too ;-)

eileen- thanks for following my blog and I'll try to visi tyour blog too

Anthony- thanks for dropping by, I don't know if Ajigasawa/Naqua is the top ski resort in Aomori, Japan....but definitely it's a nice place to visit

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Your ski resort trip is quite attractive compared to the only one I ever took while in Japan. We went by bus from Sendai to Mt. Zao and stayed there in a Japanese hotel that was then ancient. There were hot springs in the hotel complex too. But the sky lift wasn't much but the name "Monster" dominated the top of the hill. I don't know if I have posted the pictures on my sendai-shi.blogspot.blog yet or not but will.

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, everything is so white and dinner looks delicious LOL.

Good and entertaining post as always!

Missy said...

Abe- it's feel good when you see the big difference of the ski resort now from what you had before, I probably say it's really ancient that time but I want to see your picture ;-)to satisfy my guess

Halfcrazy- thanks for stopping by

licateringhalls said...

Ajigasawa ski resort must be the top family ski resort in their locality. I will definitely visit this place in near future.

OMDS said...

Naqua Shirakami Ski Resort is one of the most ideal place to ski in Japan. Famous for night skiing and long runs.

OMDS said...

Nice to visit your blog again, it has been months for me. Well, this article I've been waiting so long.