Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SeaWorld, Orlando Florida

SeaWorld Orlando, Florida
SeaWorld Lighthouse
Journey to Atlantis Ride


Shamu and Friend


Shamu and Friends

Shamu underwater

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island Show

Clyde and Seamore Show

Dolphin Theatre


Empire of the Penguin Ride

Empire of the Penguin

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

This post is still the continuation of our road trip last year, June 2013.  Sorry for the long delayed post.  I even went back to Orlando this April and haven't finished my post for my Orlando trip hehehe.

After Universal Studios we went to Seaworld.  Thanks Seaworld, military and their families are free.
I've been to Seaworld San Diego twice but this was my first time in Orlando, although the latter is bigger I like Shamu show better in San Diego.

We didn't get to see the Dolphins' show even though we were already waiting on our seats, they had to cancel the shows (outside shows) including rides due to lightnings and thunderstorms, fortunately we already watched Shamu's show before it happened.

The only ride we went to was the Empire of the Penguin and it was an hour and a half waiting in line and was very disappointed when we were inside, this ride is better for kids not for adults, not worth to wait.

We explored Seaworld half day and went back to our hotel and rest ;-)