Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow in Misawa Base

Main Entrance Right after the main gate

BX Parking Lot

Base jets display

Bldg 653 Parking Lot

Burger King

Abandoned car at the BX Parking Lot


This post is a bit too late, sorry but I've been busy lately. These photos were taken 2 weeks ago when we had heavy snow. But now the snow is melting no slippery roads anymore.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

wow, it looks like there is just snow snow and more snow all over the world this winter! We have had much snow here in Germany this winter, and at first everyone complained about it, now we all love it and will miss it when it is gone. When it melts the mud and mess will return. :-) I know just how that is with posting too late, I have been the same of late. I don't get on blogger as much as I úsed to nor as often as I would like to. Just not enough hours in the day anymore, or I am getting too slow to keep up. keep well. _Debby

Missy said...

Hi Debby thanks for dropping by. I know a lot of snow here too. I heard also from my friend who is stationes in Germany that you guys have a lot of snow too. I will visit your site one of these days.

Hilda said...

Awesome snow-covered shapes! They look weird and great at the same time, but I feel so sorry for the car owners.

bertN said...

That's too much snow for a Southern Californian LOL.

Missy said...

Hilda- thanks for visitng my blog, the car owners just left their cars in the parking lot once they returned from their vacation probably the snow melted already :-)

Bert- yes, too much snow for a Southern Californian....this is my first time to experience and live in a snow...too much for me :-) I wish we could go back to US this year and hopefully in CA (I wish).