Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

Graceland, Home of Elvis Presley, Memphis Tennessee

Entrance Gate to Graceland's exhibits and tours
Outside Elvis' Mansion

Brick Wall fence showing all the names and messages who visited the place

We have to print our names too :-)

Another one

I don't know how long the marker lasts for our names to still be seen here

My son was trying to write on the ground, maybe 1 to 2 weeks this will be gone hehehe

A sneak peek of the mansion

Another peek

The "musical" gate of the mansion

Another shot of the "musical" gate 

Names and their messages of the fans

You can see the private planes across the street

Across the mansion are Elvis' 2 private planes, one is named "Lisa Marie" after her daughter's name

Souvenir shop

Marlowe's Restaurant- this is where we ate our dinner when we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee

My order, baby back ribs

My side dish



This is my continuation of my trip from Washington state to Florida.  Sorry I was so busy unpacking our stuff, we have stayed in a temporary lodging facility at Hurlburt Field, FL for a month, and moved to a temporary apartment for 2 months and finally moved to a rental house while we stay here in Florida. A lot of moves that I didn't have time to update my blog. But finally we are now settled in and took me a month to unpack our household goods.

After Garden of the Gods,  in Colorado we drove to Kansas and stayed in my friend's house for 2 days, it was not even in our itinerary to visit our friends but since we were driving to that direction so we opted to take that state, and the plan of 1 day was extended to 2 days because of my friends' request and so we were able to take some rest days before heading to Tennessee.

We didn't explore Kansas, we only stayed in my friends' house.  The only pictures I took in Kansas are mostly wheat fields and windmills along the freeway.  Here are some:

Graceland, Memphis,Tennessee

June 22, 2013 - We left Kansas around 12noon already we drove straight to Memphis, Tennessee we passed 2 states, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We arrived Memphis in the evening already and went to dinner at Marlowe's restaurant which is close to Graceland.  The next day we went to see Graceland, the mansion and home of Elvis Presley.

Graceland is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard (originally known as Highway 51) in Memphis, TN.  We didn't explore Graceland much, we didn't even take the tour, we were supposed to be in Orlando by Saturday, June 22 but since we stayed 2 days in Kansas our plan was changed and we were in a hurry to catch up with our itinerary.  So we just walked by the stone wall surrounding the 13 1/2 acre estate and wrote our messages to Elvis :-).  This wall is sometimes called the 'graffiti wall' because visitors write messages to Elvis.  The iron gates of Graceland has 2 guitar players and musical notes.

I wish we can go back here to explore the mansion and learn more of Elvis' life.


Ercotravels said...

Beautiful series of the photos!

Photo Cache said...

all those moves must be very hard on you and the kids. my hats off to you for being tough, it would have broken me down :)

i am not an elvis presley fan in the real sense of the word, but i'd really love to go to memphis and nashville. i'm very curious to drive through all the southern and midwestern states.

hope all's settling down now. just in time for the holiday season.

Missy said...

ercotravels- thanks for always visitng my site :-)

Photo Cache- thanks, we had 3 moves here in FL although the first 2 include only our luggages from our road trip and some boxes we shipped here and the last move was the major one with our household goods. I managed to finish it for a month so I can start blogging again hehehe

docgelo said...

this post made me crave for two things.

(1) to go to elvis' place and make markings on the wall saying, "docgelo was here!" classic! how orginal! hehehe!

(2) excuse me, i have to wipe my keyboard. i just drooled over those ribs. :)

Missy said...

docgelo- hehehe that's really classic message, I usually hear that "___ was here" from pinoy jokes, also next time don't use keyboards, use ipad lol so it's easier to wipe...anyways thanks for visitng my blog

Missy said...

docgelo- hehehe that's really classic message, I usually hear that "___ was here" from pinoy jokes, also next time don't use keyboards, use ipad lol so it's easier to wipe...anyways thanks for visitng my blog

Beth said...

I want to visit Elvis' house! I just watched a documentary about him.

I also craved for that baby back rib! So yummy looking!!!!

Wait, it still puzzles me how the grass or the wheat looked like a roll? How is that done?! I want to see one! (Ang babaw na kaligayahan ko no? Pero honestly, manghang mangha ako diyan. Siguro, they used a machine for that.)

Missy said...

Hi Beth- sorry for this late reply, actually I'm curious too on how do they roll those wheats or even rice's hays hehehe, but definitely there's a tractor or machine that does that hehehe. When we were in Japan I saw how Japanese plant rice.

Here's the link that I took a video of how Japanese plant rice