Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Manneken Pis, Brussels Belgium

Manneken Pis- is the popular landmark in Brussels.  It is a small bronze fountain sculpture of a naked little boy urinating into the fountain's basin. You have to see this sculpture when you go to Belgium ;-)

Here's the side view of the manneken pis, it's just an ordinary statue.....why it's very popular(??) hehehe

Chocolate Store where Manneken Pis sculptures are displayed.  They even have the manneken pis chocolates

Escargot Food Stall

 Here's one of the streets going to the Brussels' famous Grand Place

Took this shot because of the colorful poles

This is the Belgian waffle with ice cream on top, my breakfast

 Another manneken pis statue in front of the waffle store, I think this one is better than the original statue hehehe, it's bigger....and colorful ;-)

Hmmm, don't know who are those heroes 

This building is where you could find different Belgian chocolate stores and galleries

Hmmm yummy! 

The famous Belgian Waffles


Another chocolates

The Chocolate store, where I bought chocolates for my kids

The smurf chocolates

On our way to our flat, took this picture on the train, nice view


It's been a year since I went to Belgium for my training and I have only few posts since then.  I forgot to upload more pictures from Belgium, so I'm sharing them again for the second time here on my blog.  I think I want to go back to Europe but this time with my family.......I wish, I wish hehehe.