Monday, January 13, 2014

Universal Studios, Orlando Florida (Part 1)

Our multi-day tickets

Hard Rock Cafe outside the Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Boat Ride

Which Way?

Universal Studios entrance

Universal Studios Stores

Transformers 3D Ride, long line

More stores

The Universal's globe 


Curious George Town

Men In Black 

Men in Black's Tower

Krusty burger- yummy!!!

The Simpsons
Rip Ride Rock It Ride

Who's This?

Despicable Me's Gru 

Sponge Bob Float during the parade

Patrick from Sponge Bob
Despicable Me Float

The minions during the parade

The Twister

Rip Ride Rock It Ride

Dora, the explorer
Bye Dora!

Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal City Walk, the largest hard rock cafe


June 25, 2013- This is still the continuation of our road trip, sorry for this super late post.  We arrived in Orlando,  June 23, Sunday from almost a week of road trip, we got so exhausted and so we took a couple of days' rest  before we hit Universal Studios.  We stayed in Orlando until June 29th, Saturday so we had 6 days exploring Orlando.  

We explored Universal Studios for 2 days, the second day we went to Islands of Adventure and that would be on my next post hehehe.  About the rides....well we were not brave enough to take those scary roller coaster rides hehehe 

I hope you enjoy my pictures.