Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yokomachi Store

This logo sign board was taken when we were driving to Hachinohe. I can't read the Japanese writing on this sign but I know this logo, this is Yokomachi. Here in Misawa I have to memorize and be familar with the signs or logo of each store. When I saw this sign I told my husband that store is Yokomachi and he was surprised that I can read Japanese hehehe but actually I only knew the store because of the logo and I learned that when we had our tour bus from the base; the tour guide mentioned that store, Yokomachi.

There is one Yokomachi closer to Misawa Air Base but I haven't taken the photo from that store, anyways it's the same logo, a bird carrying a flower (don't know what kind of flower it is).

Yokomachi has sale every Tuesdays and that's where I always go every Tuesday to find a 100 yen items for sale. Most items are vegetables that cost 100 yen; either per piece, per pack, per bag or sometimes per kilo.

Directions from Misawa AB main gate:

1. Go out from main gate

2. On the first traffic light, make a left turn

3. After few blocks, you will see on your right side the logo sign board (see above picture) on top of the store, that is Yokomachi

Directions from POL Gate:

1. Go out from POL gate

2. Go straight when you see a traffic light with Lawson store ( Ithink the second stop light but not sure though) on the left corner, make a right turn.

3. Go straight and few blocks you will see the logo sign board (see above picture) on top of the store on your left hand side.


  • Parking is on the front of the store and you can also park across Yokomachi store, you will see the sign "P"

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