Friday, January 9, 2009

100 Yen Sushi Bar

One of our favorite places to eat sushi is the 100 yen sushi bar. Actually we don't really know what the name of that sushi bar is since we can not read kanji, we just call it 100 yen sushi :-) The price per plate is 100 yen (2 sushi/plate) for most of sushi but they also have 150 yen for some expensive ones like tuna and I forgot the rest hahaha. The dessert is 150 yen, they have cheese cake, chocolate cake, tiramisu and choco pudding. I like their free green tea too, I'm not a tea drinker but when I tasted their green tea...hmmmm I liked it. You can buy green tea from their over the counter shelf. I bought 2 and it costs 100 yen per pack.

The last picture above is the mini train that carries your special order, they call it tokkyu lane. If you want some sushi that you can not find in the bar then you can order it from their touch screen menu monitor (second picture), just press the "order" button and in a minute you will be receiving your special order fresh from tokku lane just grab it and press the red button and the train will leave that quick :-) cool huh?!!

Some of the sushi and food that we have tried here are: tuna, salmon, sea urchin, crab livers, tako yaki (octopus), soy beans, natto (rotten soy beans, eeewww), salmon with onion toppings and mayo sauce, shrimp, crab legs, centipede (it's like centipede but I don't know the name of that fish hehehe, see the 4th picture), spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura and tamago.... and a lot!!! We are trying to taste them all hahaha

During weekend, it's really crowded and you have to wait in line maybe 30 to 40 minute waiting time and I probably recommend you to go on weeknights or weekdays.

Driving Directions:

From Misawa AB main gate:

Travel out from the main gate
Go straight and make a right turn on the second traffic light (first traffic light is the corner of Lalala karaoke bar)
Go straight until you see a Y intersection, make a left on this intersection
You will see on your left side this sushi bar before the McDonald's traffic light.
The sushi bar is along side of the road, a lot of parking space.


Garando said...

You gotta love these cheap sushi conveyor restaurants! There was one place I ate at in Osaka, there was a slot on the table where you slide the plates in. Each plate accumulates points and when you reach a certain amount, a miniature "wheel of fortune" found just above the slot starts spinning. If the wheel stops on a winning entry, a tiny door opens and you get to pick up the prize inside. It was waaaay too cool! :D

Sardonyx said...

Hi Garando,

I just read now your comment, sorry it took me so long to reply.

I wish there is one restaurant here that similar from where you've been to in Osaka. If there is one maybe every week we will be there and dine in hehehe

Anonymous said...

it looks like the same sushi bar i went in kyoto
it's kappa sushi !