Sunday, July 19, 2009

SINGAPORE- Merlion Park

Merlion Park

Gulp, gulp..... my son was so thirsty :-)

Singapore Flyer- is the current largest Ferris wheel in the world

Skyscrapers in Singapore


Our vacation in Singapore was short and unplanned but we....ooppps not's "I" decided to stay there for 2 days hehehe since we had free flight we might as well enjoy it before heading to Philippines.

June 18, 2009- We arrived in Singapore around 5pm in Paya Lebar Air Base and took a taxi from there to the Navy Lodge. It's surprising that taxi driver can take credit cards otherwise we don't have any singapore dollars to pay the driver (there's no money exchange inside the airbase). We're supposed to stay in my brother's flat but plans changed and we opted to stay in Navy Gateway Inns and Suites managed by the US Navy in Sembawang; it's close to Sembawang Shipyard where my brother works. The price per night is $80 but the room is so huge, it has 3 bedroom, with large living room, large kitchen, a large dining room and two bathrooms :-) It can accomodate 3 families. One thing I don't like it, it looks haunted building outside but that's ok as long it's cheap hehehe. We only used 1 room for 4 of us. The air base and inside the navy lodging facilities prohibit taking photos (I don't know why even in a lodging facilities) so I don't have any photos :-( but you can still find their photos when you google them hehehe. By the way, we ate dinner in my brother's flat.

June 19, 2009- My brother and his gf went to our hotel to pick us up; we walked from the hotel down to the Sembawang MRT station. I think it was a 20 minute walk. We were so exhausted, that day... it was really hot! From the cold climate to tropical..... whoaah way too hot to manage! We left Misawa with a temperature of 14C and Singapore was like 30C++. We were sweating, my son hated the weather and kept complaining :-) oh well he had no choice but to walk hehehe.
We took the MRT to Orchard Road and bought tickets from Singapore to Manila from a travel agency. We paid around US$500 for 4 of us, not that bad since our flight was the next day.

From Orchard Road we took the bus to somewhere where I bought my lens cover ( I lost mine when we were walking to MRT) and we walked again to Merlion Park. What a day, it's really hot and humid. From Merlion Park we took the MRT going back to the hotel. We ate dinner in a fast food restaurant, forgot the name.

June 20- hmmmm that would be on my next post hehehe


Garando said...

Let me guess... Did you guys make it to Sentosa?? :) Maganda dun.
Ang cute ng photo ng anak mo. Yes, he looks real thirsty! :)

Missy said...

Yes, we went to Sentosa and that would be my next post. Di ko lang naa update itong blog ko eh hehehe.

Doreen said...

sounds like a great vacation. your shots are stunning! the second one (thirsty son) made me chuckle. very cute!

Dennis Villegas said...

tsk, tsk, buti ka pa pa Singapore-singapore na lang ah...Natawa ako sa 2nd picture galing ng idea hehehe cute pa yung anak mo ;)

Missy said...

Doreen- thanks for stopping by, actually a lot of perople were looking at him when I did this ahot :-)

Dennis- thank you, welcome back tagal mong nawala

aiesecbandung said...

greetings from AIESEC..
try to visit Bandung,Indonesia.. :)