Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Liberty Park or Ichou Park

Statue of Liberty in Momoishi Village, this replica is located on the same latitude as the original statue in New York

Old Japanese people digging somethings, I think clams but not sure hehehe

Playground in Liberty Park or Ichou Park


Flower with no name LOL

Another view of Statue of Liberty in Shimoda taken last Dec 2008

Ichou Park is in Momoishi Village in Oirase Town, Aomori, Japan. As the town shares same latitude as New York City (Lat.40' 40" N), the Statue of Liberty was put in the park and is the highest of all the Statue of Liberties in Japan. The size is 11.5 meters high, 1/4 of the original size in New York and is lighted up at night, adding a fantastic atmosphere.

This is my second post of Ichou Park which is commonly called by most of the US Military people here in Misawa as the Liberty Park. We once again visited this place last August 8, but that day it was gloomy and the sun did not really cooperate with us.

The last picture and second to the last were taken last December 2008.

I wasn't able to take another closer shots when we last visited the park due to the weather, there were lots of bugs and mosquitoes and for some reasons mosquitoes are more attracted to see my son :-) and when they bit him he will end up having big bumps on his face, eyelids and sometimes on his both ears. And unfortunately I did not bring off spray to repel those mosquitoes.

This park has playgrounds for kids, a slide, swings and see saws.

To get the directions, click this to see my old post.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful park,that flower is a type of hydrengia.

bertN said...

Mosquitoes? Are there lots of stagnant water in the park?

Barry said...

I came looking for the Friday shootout, but loved this visit to the park.

A Statue of Liberty in Japan, who would have known? lol

Missy said...

Anonymous- thanks for letting me know what kind of flower I posted, I'm not that expert when it comes to flowers

bertn- yes there are lots of stagnant water if you can see the photo with Japanese ladies digging some clams that's a sample of it :-)

Barry- thanks for visiting me, I was surprised too when I saw the replica of the statue of liberty and that is the tallest one that means there are more here in Japan hehehe

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

A Statue of Liberty in Japan, what a surprise! I should start counting how many are there in others parts of the world.

rich2741 said...

Actually, if it were at the same position as the one in New York Harbor it would need to be 5.5 miles to the north of its present location.

...but it's close.