Friday, February 12, 2010

Hard- Off Store


Hard-off is one of Japan's largest recycle stores where you can buy used clothes, sports gear, shoes, furniture, bags, electronics, appliances, housewares and other stuff that you can think of :-)

This is where we bought my snowboard since we're just newbies to snowboarding we might as well buy used ones rather spending $300+ for just 1 snowboard excluding its binding which will cost you $100+. Too bad, we didn't find any snowboard shoes for all of us, the sizes were all small since most Japanese are short so what do we expect? of course small shoe sizes hehehe. Don't ask my shoe size, it's big too :-) I bought my snowboard w/ bindings already attached for 2300 yen (~$25).

If you are looking for branded bags they have them here too such as louis vuitton, gucci, prada, chanel, coach and more which are being displayed in a covered glass cabinet. So if you want used branded bags this is your store hehehe. I haven't tried buying one though ;-) And sorry I didn't take pictures what's inside the store.

By the way, why the h*** is it called "hard-off?" LOL


Hard-off is located in Towada City, a 30 minute drive from Misawa.


If you want the directions, leave a comment here hehehe


The Pink Birdhouse said...

I could have used a store like that right here where I might have found a snowboard for my son, who just returned from a school class trip to the Alps. He had a great time snowboarding, which we were happy to hear, because it cost us quite a bit to buy all the things he needed for the week. What an interesting store there! thanks for sharing. ~~ Debby

bertN said...

Yeah, why "hard-off" LOL. Why not "Hardly Used or Previously Owned or something" LOL.

Missy said...

Debby- I hope you have used store there, snowboarding is really an expensive sports.

BertN- hahaha I know why hard-off?? maybe you're right maybe the hard was came from "hardly used" and then off for discount (??) hehehe

Anonymous said...

how do you get there from misawa?

Vans Trainers Uk said...

Well nice info can i rent snowboarding boots like dc or vans trainers uk because i love to snowboarding with branded boots the can help to improve performance.

Missy said...

Vans- no you can't rent boots from that store

Missy said...

anonymous- sorry for this late response, I assumed you're a military. From Misawa Base POL gate just drive straight going to Towada, the POL road is route 10. This is the same direction when going to Lake Towada. You'll probably drive about 30 to 40 minutes. You will turn left on a Y intersection, where the railway is turning left too (so follow the rail road/track). Before you turn left you will see the Hard Off Store in front of you. Once you turn left, the Hard off is on your right side and the train station is on your left side.

I hope this helps and it won't confused you ;-)

M. Kaleem Minhas said...

hi every one
I just moved to Tokyo
Can any one tell location of Har-0ff nearest to Tokyo?


Anonymous said...

I would look at their website where they have all stores located on a map. Note that none of the stores are located near any JR stations so it is a bit off walking from JR lines.


Anonymous said...

My guess about the name is that the 'Off' is from "%50 off" for example, and that there are different versions of the store, like 'Book-off' for books, 'Off-House' for general / household goods, and 'Hard-off' for hardware like electronics etc.

Anonymous said...

hard off, stands for hard goods, off price. Hard goods are electronics, musical instruments,cameras,soft goods are like papertowell's,and toothpaste

Anonymous said...
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