Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mt. Rainier with Lenticular Cloud

Lenticular Cloud on Mt. Rainier taken 2 weeks ago

Two weeks ago while I was dropping off my son at his school I saw this lenticular cloud on top of Mt. Rainier, the sun just started to rise at the back of the mountain that made it yellow on the background. I usually see this type of cloud on top of Mt. Rainier but I never had the chance to take a picture of it. It disappears fast maybe due to the wind is pushing the clouds away from the mountain. So that time, when I went home I immediately grabbed my camera found a nice spot along our neighborhood area and took this picture. But the view was not that good as when I saw it earlier but at least I still had the chance to take this shot and after few minutes (as soon as I came home) the thick fog with sun rays covered the view of Mt. Rainier. I guess I was lucky that time ;-)

Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, usually perpendicular to the wind direction. Due to their shape, they almost look like an UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Our neighborhood with Mt Rainier view taken yesterday

Yesterday, I saw again the nice clouds forming around Mt. Rainier but I didn't have my camera with me. I just took a picture after an hour but the clouds were not as beautiful compared to what I saw an hour earlier. Lesson learned: I should always bring my camera whenever and wherever I go.

This was taken last summer, August 2011 on our way to Mt. Rainier's Paradise Resort

Last August was our second time to go to Mt. Rainier National Park, and the weather that time was so clear and bright. We brought our friends who visited us from California. It's amazing to see the Mt. Rainier closer than I would imagine. This snow-capped mountain really amaze me every time I see it. The pictures below were all taken at the same day.

Taken at Mt. Rainier National Park's scenic view point last August

Another close up shot of snow-capped Mt. Rainier during summer

Taken last August, even if it's summer there's still some snow at Mt. Rainier National Park's area and the mountain itself

The kids really enjoyed the stay at the picnic area where they were throwing snow balls, sledding and sliding on the snow. We were not ready of the cold weather, we ended up having wet shoes and the kids with wet pants ;-)

By the way, we didn't get the chance to park and see Paradise Resort Visitor's Center it was jam packed with tourists and we could not find a parking spot, we were expecting that because it was summer and the weather was nice and clear to see and enjoy Mt. Rainier. We just opted to park just right after the Visitor's center down the hill where we found a small falls where we took some pictures.


RJ said...

I love the first photo, you're very good in photography Missy!

And your neighbourhood... reminds me of Harry Potter, the lighting and the mood!

Merry Christmas po!

Bagman and Butler said...

To live so close to such a mountain is great! And your photos do it justice. I'm fascinated by the lenticular cloud. Great catch. It looks like Mount Rainier has been given a halo and become angelic for Christmas.

Photo Cache said...

you have a good view of the mountain from your yard. how lovely is that.

we've never seen WA, i know that it's as green as OR, which really amazes me. hope to see it someday.

Missy said...

RJ- Merry Xmas! thanks you like the first photo, me too I love that picture...does the second picture looks dark and scary? ;-)

B&B- you are right we're a bit close to Mt. Rainier but yet so far, actually we are 30 miles away from Mt. Rainier National park but it takes 1 hour to get there because there's no freeway going to that direction and once you get to the main gate it takes few miles to get to the top.

Photo Cache- you should try to visit Washington but it's better during the summer otherwise you'll get bored with the rainy and gloomy weather ;-)

bertN said...

Wow! I've never seen Mt. Rainier with a halo the three pathetic three times I had the opportunity. Poor you, it is something that obstruct your window view every morning you wake up! Inggit ako.

Missy said...

Bert- I bet when you had that 3 chances to see Mt Rainier maybe it's the time that it was either rainy or gloomy hehehe

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I so love that 1st photo! But then again, all your photos are awesome. So scenic, but... so cold! Haha.

dyosa said...

Waking up each day with that view is simply awesome. Fantastic shots!

Patty said...

Beautiful photos. You should go into the photography business.