Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yellowstone National Park- Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (Part 2)

East Entrance


Bison along the road

Brink of Lower Falls

Brink of Lower Falls

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone- "Still Venting"

Lower Falls of Yellowstone, view from Lookout Point

Can you see the bird's nest??? It's actually in the middle of the picture :-)

Close-up shot of Lower Falls from Lookout Point

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River

Burned Trees at Yellowstone Park from the wildfire
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Photo Cache said...

incredible side trip. i am more and more jealous. i really love to see the national parks in this us of a.

docgelo said...

thank you for introducing to me not only that yellowstone national park but what bisons are! goodness, i had biology as my premed but i never read about it on zoology books. siguro it really pays to watch nat geo wild like what gabby's doing to supplement school learning and best, of course is to travel to experience it first hand. cheaper and a great option is to blog hop, natutunan ko tuloy ang bisons! hello, bisons! let's be friends (takot ko lang masuwag ako!) :)

Dennis said...

No wonder the Yellowstone has been dubbed as America's Serengeti. The sight of a bison herd reminds me of migrating wildebeest in Tanzania!

Hilda said...

Absolutely awesome! It's one of the few places I actually want to visit in the US.

Ercotravels said...

Wow, how Stunningly beautiful Shots in your camera. but all views of Yellowstone sounds amazing.

Missy said...

photocache- yes I had fun with our trip though it's tiring, you must see this yellowstone

Missy said...

docgelo- hehehe me too, my first to see the bisons was in Washington and I forgot to post the adventure we had with the wildlife, if I have time I will introduce to you a friend of bison hahaha

Missy said...

Dennis- wow you've been to Tanzania? your adventure probably memorable than we had hehehe

Missy said...

Hilda- yes, it's a must see when you visit US :-)

Ercotravels- thanks for visiting my blog

Beth said...

Ang ganda naman ng Yellow Stone National Park! Sobrang stunning ng views. You know what, when I see those mountains and rivers, etc. I can't help but sing the hymnal How Great Thou Art. Really, great is His creations! And again, you're blessed to see more of them! :)

Missy said...

Hi Beth- yes, it's really a breath taking view to see and experience the Yellowstone, and I want to go back here if there's another chance ;-)