Saturday, April 18, 2015

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

French Quarter, New Orleans Louisiana

French Quarter or "Vieux Carre" is the famous and oldest neighborhood of the city of New Orleans in Louisiana state and now considered as national historic landmark.  Most of the historic buildings here were built during the 18th century, during the Spanish era which depicts the Spanish colonial architecture.  

New Orleans is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Panhandle, Florida where we live and it was our first time to visit this place.  This road trip was never planned (as it's always the case for me hehehe), I just asked my husband to go somewhere else away from home during his 4 day weekend holiday (Martin Luther King's holiday was Monday, Jan. 19th)  only that Thursday before his weekend off,  we then decided to go to New Orleans (NOLA), as expected, we had a hard time getting a hotel reservation already for a cheaper price because of its short notice.  We then opted of staying at Keesler Air Force Base Lodging in Biloxi, Mississippi which is almost 2 1/2 hour from home, we reserved 2 rooms for 2 nights, because my daughter and her family (my son-in-law and grandson) also went with us.  We left home Friday night and arrived in Biloxi just in time to sleep.  The next morning we drove to New Orleans (Jan. 17, 2015) and only took us an hour, it's almost noon when we arrived.  We walked along the famous Bourbon Street and Jackson Square.  

New Orleans and its French Quarter is one of the few places in the US where drinking of alcohol in an open container is allowed on the street.

Along I-10 freeway

The famous street in French Quarter is, Bourbon which is well known for drinking establishments

Star Wars' characters, Storm trooper and Chewbacca (am I right? hahaha)

Hello Kitty,  actually it's a guy behind this mascot lol

The famous, "huge ass beers"

Hard Rock Cafe Store

Bourbon Street's sign

ACME Oyster House,  where we ate our lunch, it was a long line (almost an hour) but worth the wait

Fresh Oysters at ACME Oyster House Restaurant

Grilled Oysters

Shrimp Po'boy ( Po'boy is a traditional sub sandwich from Louisiana consists of roast meat usually beef or fried seafood and served with baguette or New Orleans french bread)

Nice pose ;-) but you need to pay her after hehehe

The street is a bit of crowded already around 4pm

Along Bourbon Street where a lot of people are partying along the street and some are enjoying drinking alcohol at the balconies

Tropical Isle,  where we bought the "hand grenade" drink to try it

At the back of St Louis Cathedral

The balconies and windows are examples of Spanish architecture

Jackson Square, tarot card readers and some performers are occupying the center of the street

Palm Readers or Tarot card readers are in front of the St Louis Cathedral

St Louis Cathedral

Local Artists selling their paintings and other form of arts

Another shot of St Louis Cathedral

This captured my attention :-)

Louisiana State Museum

St Louis Cathedral

Silhouette of Jackson statue and St Louis Cathedral

Horse Carriage in front of Jackson Square

Jackson Brewery Building (JAX)

The famous Cafe Du Monde, a long line just to buy their coffee and famous "beignets"
This is how they make beignets at Cafe Du Monde

We have to taste their coffee and the famous beignets before leaving New Orleans (this was taken from my iPhone)

Beignet pronounce as "ben-nei" famous in New Orleans as a breakfast served with powdered sugar on top.  It's made from deep fried choux pastry.  The original term of beignet is  French.  Beignets were declared the official state doughnut of Louisiana (from wikipedia).

We were supposed to fall in line at Cafe Du Monde but there was a long line, instead of waiting for an hour we went to their other branch in Metairie City which is a 20 minute drive just to try their beignets and coffee hehehe, we're lucky it's not crowded, no line and saw their staff making fresh beignets.

After we ate, we headed to Keesler AFB, Biloxi Mississippi where we stayed another night.  We were all tired and exhausted. We walked along French Quarter for 5 hours and still we didn't get to see much of it.  We need to go back there, for sure ;-)  We will see you again New Orleans.


Photo Cache said...

I really like NOLA. It's a party town just like Vegas, but unlike Vegas it's full of culture I believe. You took wonderful pictures of this amazing city.

Missy said...

Photo Cache- thanks, yes it has full of culture, I would love to go back there and explore more ;-)

Kayni D said...

Are the beignets really good? I'm drooling. We've been wanting to visit New Orleans, but perhaps when I'm fully recovered then husband and I can do the drive.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Will visit yours again.

Missy said...

Kayni- thanks for visiting, yes the beignets are good

Minoru Saito said...

Hi! Nice collection of fantastic photos. I have never imagined that I could see Hallo Kitty. Thanks for sharing.

Missy said...

Minoru- thanks for visiting

bertN said...

Did you let the hubby loose to explore Bourbon and the neighboring streets at night? Just teasing.

Missy said...

Bert- no, luckily we didn't stay overnight there otherwise he may do that hahaha

Lorena Sims said...

Awesome! Love watching your photographs and taking us on your trip. I'm glad you are back blogging again.

Missy said...

Hi Lorena- yes, I'm back and hopefully I can update this blog regularly now ;-) if time permits