Saturday, June 6, 2015

Statue of Liberty, New York

New York Trip- March 18, 2015

Last March, we had our family road trip to New York City; my hubby, our son and daughter, my daughter's husband or son-in-law ;-) and my grandson (yes, I'm a young grandma- almost 2 years now!).   We had some side trips along the way but I will be posting this trip in Statue of Liberty first, I'm just so excited to post our photos there.  This was my second time to see the state of New York, first time was in Niagara Falls.  We stayed during our vacation using our time share at Marriott Villa in Galloway, New Jersey except one night (March 18) where we stayed in Manhattan, New York City.

March 17-  My brother-in-law (my hubby's brother) and his 2 kids arrived in our villa, they surprised us.  He drove all the way from Toronto, Canada to see and meet us up (Florida is too far for him to drive).  They're supposed to come on March 16 but he told us they won't make it due to his work but he managed to finish all his pending issues and didn't tell us that they're coming.  It ended up they got surprised too because we were in our friend's house when they came and had to wait an hour at the hotel/villa's reception lobby.

March 18-  It's almost 12noon when we left our villa, my plan was to leave early to ride the ferry boat to see Ellis Island and Liberty Island,unfortunately we were late to get to the last ride to take us to both islands.  We arrived at Liberty State Park, New Jersey at exactly 2pm but need to buy tickets and need to go to security line for bag inspection, so too bad we only got to see Liberty Island.  Our ferry boat stopped at the dock of Ellis Island but we can't leave the boat.  Well, that happens when you have 3 families to attend to ;-) aside from getting lost at the park looking for the ticket office hehehe.

Liberty State Park, New Jersey- the right side building is where the ticket office 

Manhattan Skyline- view from Liberty State Park

Ready to board on the ferry

View of Liberty State Park Buildings from the ferry

Another view of Liberty State Park from the ferry

Ellis Island Museum

Ferry at Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline, New York

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The ferry who brought us to the Liberty Island

Another shot of Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline

Ferry Tickets Office at Liberty Park, New Jersey

Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York

Ellis Island 

During our ferry ride, there's few people on the boat (probably March is not peak season) and the parking lot is not bad at Liberty State Park, only $7 parking fee.  The big deal was too many toll fees from New Jersey to New York and need to have a lot of coins since some tolls require 75 cents and you have to drop it in the hole,  there's no operator so you can't pay dollar bills.

We bought the tickets for $18- adult; kids- $14 these have no access to crown and the pedestal, only grounds of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Make sure you'll be there before 2pm otherwise they won't let you go to Ellis Island already.

My DSLR camera was broken when we were there, I can't zoom in or out all the way and didn't have the chance to take the close-up shot of the crown and face of the statue….too bad.

After that trip to Statue of Liberty, we went to White Castle Burger Restaurant at downtown Jersey City and tried their burgers and later we headed to our reserved hotel in Manhattan New York City to see Time Square.

Tip: If you will be driving to New York to see  the statue of liberty, it's better to take the ferry boat at Liberty State Park, New Jersey side,  it has more parking spots and only $7 parking fee.

That will be my next post, New York City.


Photo Cache said...

How nice to see the Statue of Liberty and when the tourists are not there yet. You got it all to yourself. It pays to travel during the off season.

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures! Yes, off seasons are the best time to travel. You have the place all to yourself, just like what Maria said.

Kayni said...

My last visit to NYC was in 2012 and it wasn't a leisure visit, it was more of a medical reason why we were there. I need to revisit the area and make new memories.

Missy said...

Photo Cache- yes, it's nice when you go to New YOrk during off season ;-) there's no line and only few people

Missy said...

Beth- thanks, I should have taken a close up shot of the statue of liberty if my DSLR lens that time worked, unfortunately it's broken but I still got some good pictures though

Missy said...

Kayni- you should try to visit NYC again, I would love to go back there too

Lorena G. Sims said...

Great captures! I specially love the one of the statue of liberty where the clouds almost looks like a smoke from the torch she's holding. Very nice!
Those tolls can be pain specially if there's no booth and you have no coins.

Missy said...

HI Lorena thanks for dropping by and the pay toll fees are expensive too

Rose world said...

Hi Missy! What a great blog you have here. Enjoyed looking at your photos. Hope to visit U.S.A. someday and see the statue myself.