Monday, June 8, 2009

American Day

American Day- June 6 and 7, 2009

In front of Japanese food booths

The entire street was closed for this event

Mini train in front of the civic center

Japanese food booths

Looks like ice cream in a cone paper?? hehehe

French fries with mini hotdogs

Pancakes with beans inside

Mini Octopus for tako yaki

Tank display

Japanese ladies carrying their transparent umbrellas going to American food booths

Tennesee booth

American food booths

A lot of people in American booths


The 21st annual American Day festival was held last weekend, June 6 and 7. Every year Misawa Air Base hosts this event to share with Japanese locals the American culture and to strengthen the relationship of both countries. Last April was Japan Day and now it's American Day.

Despite the rain, there were still many people went to this event. Unfortunately I missed the parade and the concert. There were long lines on the American food booths, I noticed that Japanese locals bought a lot of hot dogs, hamburgers and chips while Americans were buying Japanese street food :-)

The photos above were taken last Sunday. I was there last Saturday but we didn't stay very long due to heavy rain. We got wet and most of the booths were not set-up yet and we ended up eating lunch in the food court of the BX (base exchange).

I didn't get the chance to take photos of American food, nothing unusual, they're actually the popular ones which we always buy in the food court on base: hotdogs in buns, hamburgers, steaks, nachos and chips, cakes, cookies and more. I was eager to see more of Japanese exotic food to share here in my blog.



Mildred said...

How very interesting. Rain makes events like this very difficult to get around in.

Garando said...

I love the way the Japanese "japanizes" american food. Kaya gustong gusto kong kumain sa mga family restaurants nila eh. :)

Missy said...

Mildred- yes, if it didn't get rain we were able to enjoy more of the booths and game s:-)

Garando- hahaha "Japanizes" that's cool...masarap mga sweets nila kasi hindi masyadong sweet heheh

Patty said...

I love all your photos, Missy. So colorful!

I must have been missing your posts. I have been really busy. Hope to catch up.

Great work.

Storm said...

Too bad you didn't make it inside the Civic Center! Not only would you have been warm & dry but, thoroughly entertained! There was a Haunted House, Food (Freedom Toast), movies, face painting, exhibits, music, etc. I hope you are enjoying your adventures at your new base! Gambatte to kio tsuketene! -Storm