Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Shoot Out- RANDOM

Friday Shoot Out- RANDOM

I "randomly" picked my own theme for my own blog this shootout.....vending machines.

In Japan, the vending machines are known as (jidō-hanbaiki) from jidō, or "automatic"; hanbai, or "vending"; and ki, or "machine", (jihanki) for short.

Japan has the highest vending machine per capita with about one machine per 23 people (according to wikipedia).

Here are some vending machines that I had the chance to take photos while I was driving, walking and shopping :-)

Hello Kitty toy vending machine

Pokemon toy vending machine

Toys Vending Machine

Cup of Noodles Vending Machine

Cigarette Vending Machine

Hot and Cold Tea, Cocoa and Coffee Vending Machine

Hot snack food vending machine (french fries, yaki soba, tako yaki, rice bowl)

Bowl of sushi rice vending machine ticket

Soda vending machine

Ice Cream Vending Machine

You can see vending machines outside the store

Outside golf shop

Yo can see them even along the parking lot

Vending machine even along the street beside the gas tank and trash bin :-) close to rice field LOL



Sarah Lulu said...

Absolutely fascinating! I really really enjoyed all the vending machines. In Australia there are quite rare ...really hardly ever see them, sometimes for cans of drink ...possibly for cigarettes, but I haven't seen one of those for years.

I love your blog. I'm so glad you are in our group.

Butler and Bagman said...

Amazing! The endless line of blue machines in the store is unreal! We have them here and there all over South Carolina but they are not so colorful and definitely not so many. However, I would like to send you the one that is on my floor at work, that vends cookies and candies because catches me whenever I'm near it and forces calories onto my growing midsection.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Missy, that is a fantastic idea for this week's shoot-out, vending machines. I am absolutely amazed at how many are there!! That long row of them is just unbelievable. I like the one for the ice cream best though, it looks so colorful!! We have soda vending machines here, and of course ones for coffee and those for cigarettes, and once in a while a few for kids little toys or colorful gem stones. But that is about it! Makes us seems rather boring over here!! I think I would end up losing a lot of my pocket change to those machines if I lived there where you are!! Nice post!!! have a good weekend, Debby

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to see SO many vending machines with such varied items. Your pictures are so colorful.

Missy said...

Sarah Lulu- thanks you like my photos :-). When I first came here, I was so amazed of their vending machines here and we always posed with the vending machine as a souvenir picture hahaha

Butler and Bagman- hahaha we have that cookies and candies on base (US Air Base) and I forgot to take pictures of those coz those are American style not Japanese one :) There are so many toy vending machine here which my son loves especially the pokemon.

Missy said...

Debby- actually I missed some of the unusual vending machine which I'm longing to see but until now I haven't seen them yet...fresh egg and the rice vending machines!

Mildred- thanks for dropping by, yes they're so colorful and a bit expensive 200 yen or $2 for a small toy

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a great idea Missy!!!
I love the Hello Kitty vending machines. I posted my Hello Kitty crown today.....just goes to prove that great minds think alike, lol :)
I love your random theme girl and I loved seeing all those different styles.
Have a beautiful weekend Missy, one filled with love, joy and laughter and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Doreen said...

interesting take on the random theme. that is a lot of vending machines!! the line of machines in the store is amazing. great post!

Kim said...

My favorite vending machine in Japan is the one that dispenses beer. My colleague and I walked around Kyoto drinking Sapporo from the vending machines on the street. It was one of the best moments...

Anonymous said...

LOL - you can get everything from a vending machine. That is funny.

Great shots - and great look into your town.

Patty said...

I love the theme you used. You have much nicer and cleaning looking vending machines that we do in the States. And they are all so nicely lined up.

Great photos, too.

I like the random assignments because everyone's shootout is so different.


REDLAN said...

It's so colorful and attractive that makes you stop and have a share of what it offers. Thanks for sharing.

Zaroga said...

Really love how colorful the machines are and the variety of things in them. A super idea for this week's shoot. The photos are very interesting.

Gordon said...

It appears you have never ending, daily vending. What a great idea!Sorry I'm so late visiting with time restraints and increasing numbers, I am gradually visiting everyone in order.
Walk With Faith

Missy said...

Reggie Girl, Doreen, Kim, Jen, Patty, Redlan, Zaroga and Gordon- thanks for visitng my town shootout and I hope your really enjoyed browsing my photos, come back soon :-)

Garando said...

I remember I was so surprised to see a vendo machine in the middle of a mountain while we were hiking in Yamanashi.
Only in Japan! :D

it was quite a challenge to pick up the soda from the slot because of the spiders and bugs that decided to make the machine their home.