Thursday, August 13, 2009

Misawa Tanabata Festival- Part 2

Japanese custom- people write their wishes and hang them on this tree

This was along White Pole Road or now the "Main Street"

White Pole Road or the Main Street

Japanese wearing kimono

Japanese dancing "hula" to the tune of ...... (hahaha I forgot the song....sorry)

Those lanterns are like big cherries hehehe

Along the Main Street intersection, off the Misawa AB main gate is the famous "Lalala karaoke bar" and of course the food stalls along the street

Tanabata Festival

This is the second part of my Misawa Tanabata Festival post. This was held last July 24 to 26.
I will be posting the street food next time. Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy, just leave comments.


Sarah Lulu said...

Just lovely!

Patty said...

Awesome! I love that last photo. It looks like a painting.

Barry said...

I would have loved to be there for the festival. It looks beautiful.

But, in a way, through your pictures, I was there.

Kind of.

backpacking philippines said...

colorful japan...would love to visit it someday

Missy said...

sarah lulu- thanks for visitng my blog again :-)

patty- thanks, I solarized the last photo :-)

barry- thanks for visitng my blog, yes it's like going to the festival when you see my photos :-)

backpacking- Japan always celebrate festivals just like Philippines