Monday, August 17, 2009

Misawa Tanabata Festival- Part 3 (Street Food and Games)

Look at the outfits of those 2 girls :-) compared with the old guy on the left LOL

The machine on the left is where you get your ticket, and the prize are the stuffed animals/toys

These sodas are not real sodas they are floating devices :-) or floaty??? (whatever!) , you'll definitely get one of these when you buy a ticket for 500 yen, the grand prize is a huge stuffed animal; the machine ticket is the same as above

Catching gold fish, 500 yen with that little scoop

Catching toy balls

This is how they make tako yaki (tako means octopus)

I don't know the name of this food, but it looks like a hotdog with bones instead of sticks inside hehehe


choco bananas, bananas covered with chocolates

I don't know the name of this food, the toppings are pork

I bought two sticks of these chicken nori or barbecue (that's what I thought) actually they are chicken skins barbecue :-D, 200 yen each stick

friendly Japanese old man selling chicken skins

Misawa Tanabata Festival- this is the last post of the 3 series I posted for Tanabata Festival


Butler and Bagman said...

My mouth is watering. And the first picture does make a funny fashion statement. Of course, I can't understand why the guy is looking in the wrong direction.

Garando said...

ON the first picture, at least the old man got the sock color right (black).
Ang cute ng festival na to! All your photos of the food remind me why I always gain weight when I come back from Japan.

Missy said...

B&B- hahaha me too, I can't understand why the guy is looking in the wrong direction ;-)

Garando- hey you're back!! hahaha yeah right only the socks, yeah the food here really make me fat too :-)

Barry said...

Alright now I'm extremely hungry!!

You sure know how to take a tasty picture!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog,thank you.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Of the different food you showed, I'm curious to try the Tako Yaki. I'm not keen on the barbecued chicken skins - the worst for my bad cholesterol level he he!

bertN said...

Floating device? Plaything in a pool or something?

Missy said...

barry- thanks for visiting my blog, yup I know you'll feel thirsty when I share these pictures :-)

anonymous- thanks for your comment and I hope you'll keep reading my blog

nomadic- yes, try the tako yaki it's tastes like squids, it's yummy!

bertN- hahaha yes, I don't know the name of that thingy hehehe maybe floaty??? whatever hehehe