Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hirosaki Chrysanthemum Festival

Can you guess the design?

Can you read? I've been staring this photo for 2 weeks but until now I can't read it

cute barrel

pagoda made of chrysanthemum

I guess they are chrysanthemum flowers ;-)

Hey, what's your name?? Are you chrysanthemum too?

Finally I was able to take a picture of a bee still on a flower

Apple made of apples

Close-up look


Hirosaki Chrysanthemum Festival- Nov. 7, 2009- this is the continuation of my post last week. Every year Hirosaki Castle Park holds Chrysanthemum Festival during fall season, from mid October to early week of November.

They have this festival to celebrate the nature and beauty of the fall. There are thousands of maple and cherry trees have its color of leaves turned into red and yellow in this period of season.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Missy for sharing these pretty photos. What amazing creations. Hope you are doing well.

kilala said...

I hope you are enjoying northern Japan. Getting cold,take care.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Interesting pagoda made from flowers! I always associate Chrysanthemum with the emperor's throne in Japan.

bertN said...

I don't think I can recognize a chrysanthemum flower if I see one.

Missy said...

Mildred- thanks for visitng my blog, sorry I've been busy lately can't visit other blogs right now

Kilala- thanks for dropping by, do you know me? hehehe yes right now I'm enjoying Northern Japan but I can't wait to find out what would be our next base LOL

Nomadic- actually I didn't know about chrysanthemum until I found out that Hirosaki has a chrysanthemum festival, I have to ask google. And dound out that "Chrysanthemum Throne" is the name given to the position of Japanese emperor. I'm not expert when it comes to flowers hehehe. Yes, the pagoda is nice

BertN- me too Bert, there are different kinds of chrysanthemum, like 30 species