Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strawberry Picking in Misawa


Inside the nursery

Hmmmm yummy!

Twin strawberry ;-)

chocolate fountain

Those 2 packs I paid for 1400 yen!!

This board I guess is telling the history of that strawberry nursery and it looks like it started 1990 and maybe 1996 was then became popular , blah blah, whatever!! sorry I can't read katakana nor hiragana nor kanji


My kids love strawberries!! Two weeks ago we tried strawberry picking here in Misawa. It was fun but quite expensive though, but the main thing is I finally found a place where I can have "all you can eat" strawberries hehehe. I've been looking for this place since last year.

I was surprised to see that they have the indoor strawberry picking. I thought it would be an outdoor activity. That day was so windy and chilly and I rather stay indoor while picking and eating strawberries than having it outside. Pretty impressive to see the inside of the nursery, it was clean and so warm; the humidity is really maintained and controlled.

Ichigo is the Japanese for strawberry.

The name of the place is "Agurinosato" but you can't find its name on their sign board because it's written in Japanese so.... never mind the name hehehe.

By the way, after paying 5400 yen or ~$60 ( 4000 yen -2 adults and 1 child + 1400 yen) then I figured it out that cost is the same as eating in a "all you can eat buffet" so I told my children (plus my daughter's bf), "this is gonna be our lunch!"


"All you can eat strawberries"

Adult: 1500 yen (~$16.50)
Children: 1000 yen (~$11)

"To Go"

200 yen (~$2.20) per 100g

Chocolate dip (if you want your strawberries to dip into the chocolate fountain)- 200 yen (~$2.20)


ask me ;-)

This is our trash cup after eating strawberries


RJ said...

Sayang 'yong nasa trash cup!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

wow ang sarap.. hope we could come and visit similar place as well.. favourite din ng mga anak namin ng starberry and we never expereicned the strawberry picking trip.. we'll try to find one here.. thanks for giving us some idea where to go this weekend.. hugs to you..

Missy said...

RJ- thanks for visitng again ;-) yup sayang pero mas sayang yun binayad ko e hehehe. I paid more so I have to eat more LOL

Ate Loida- thanks for dropping by, this is a good experience, strawberry picking, you should try this too.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

happy mother's day missy..

magdaliz padilla said...

What is the address? I would like to go this weekend! ����

Missy said...

magdaliz- thanks for visiting my blog, sorry it's been few years ago when we visited the place and I forgot now how to get there but if you're a military check the airman family readiness center, they have a driving directions there to some places around Misawa