Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Osan Air Base, Korea

Osan Air Base Main Gate

The pictures below were taken along the Sinjang shopping mall area just right off the base

Korean street food

These 2 old men were here the whole day playing this board game

Menu at the small fast food store just right off the Osan base

Bulgogi Burger


It's been almost 2 months of no blogs, sorry for this delay I've been busy lately.....packing, traveling, reunions, outings and so forth. Anyway here's the first trip we's in Korea!!!

Osan Air Base is located in the Songtan section of Pyeongtaek City, South Korea, south of Seoul. Despite its name, Osan AB is not within Osan City.

Our trip:

Misawa, Japan to Osan, Korea:

Sept. 13 when we stepped off the land of the rising was a heartbreaking scenario to leave Japan, it's been a short tour for us but I will surely miss the food, people and its culture....and my travelog about Japan!

Anyways, before our PCS (permanent change of station) to Washington state, we had plans already of visiting our home country, Philippines since it's only 5 hours away from Japan. It may take us years before we can visit again our family back there once we are back in the US.

We took the space-A (free fare) from Misawa AB, Japan to Osan, Korea before heading to Philippines. This was the cheapest fare that we could avail just to visit Philippines (note: I just resigned from my job so "tight budget" hehehe). From Korea to Philippines we only paid $730 for round trip tickets for 4 of us already (less than $200 each). That is so CHEAP compared to buying tickets from Misawa to Philippines via JAL, usually it costs $800 or more for each passenger. We bought the tickets 1 month prior to our departure.

We stayed 3 days and 2 nights at Osan's billeting, the Turumi Lodge and we explored the "Sinjang Shopping Mall" or the famous "Songtan" area which is just right off the main gate. I was drooling already when I saw cheap stuff on every store they have there, such as: mink blankets, souvenirs, jars, jerseys, jewelries, toys, shoes, bags, gowns, leather jackets, clothes, clothes and more clothes!!

BUT....... I can't buy any of those since we were only allowed 1 luggage for each passenger with 15 kilos max weight (going to Philippines)....sigh...then I realized we're still going back here so I still have a chance to buy more once we get back from Philippines (crossing my fingers hahaha).

That's it! I didn't buy anything from Korea! :-) My husband was so happy....not me :-'(


According to wikipedia:

Space available travel is a privilege that derives, in part, from United States Code, title 10, section 4744, which states, "officers and members of the Military Departments, and their families, when space is available, may be transported on vessels operated by any military transport agency of the Department of Defense". Space available travel is defined as "travel aboard DoD owned or controlled aircraft and occurs when aircraft are not fully booked with passengers traveling under orders".


bertN said...

The streets are devoid of rubbish!How was the bulgogi burger?

Reena said...

wow, swerte! :) you're so lucky!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

so that's it, sayonara Japan? I guess in your line of work, the only thing permanent is change. But I see your movements as an exciting opportunity to experience different cultures, right?

Joy said...

So happy to see you back in cyberspace. I've never been to Korea, so I'm jealous. Love the pictures of street life. Very interesting.

Have a great Monday!

Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

Photo Cache said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i find your blog really interesting. teh photos are great and the places you've been are wonderful. will be back.

Missy said...

BertN- yes you're right "devoid of rubbish" but Japan is better and cleaner, about the bulgogi bulger well I'm not a fan of bulgogi but my daughter and son, they love it!

Reena- thanks, lucky where? the free fare? hehehe yup that's the payment for military spouse being deployed away from his love ones hehehe

Nomadic- yes you're really correct, the only permanent is change hahaha, but actually it's my husband's line of work, my career was declining since I married my husband lol and now I'm back here in the US, good luck for me of finding a job! It's like finding a needle in full of haystacks

Joy- yes, I'm back again and hopefully my internet connection is faster than before ;-) not so much fun in Korea I'm still jealous coz you're in Norwich ;-)

Photcache- thanks for dropping by, I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i've read your blog. now i'm planning to do the same thing.. use AMC from washington to korea.. but then,I have no idea on what flight do i take from Osan AB to manila..

Missy said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for visiting my blog. I would suggest Cebu Pacific, they sometimes have a better deal. When we flew from Osan to Manila we bought the tickets for 4 of us just for $750 round trip (~$185+ each). But you have to check their website regularly for cheapest fare ;-) and you have to have 1 to 2 days allowance from the day of your arrival to Korea going to Manila. Sometimes the Macflight (Space A) has a flight delay, that's the risk of taking the space A though. Good Luck. I'm planning to take the space A too visiting Philippines this year or next year ;-)

Anonymous said...

HI it's me again, thanks for your super fast reply... what airport do I take from OSAN AB? Coz i'm trying to book my ticket.

Anonymous said...

did you took Incheon or Busan flight from korea? coz i'm trying to look at the prices in cebu pacific right now. thank you so much!

Missy said...

Anonymous- we took the flight from Incheon, you have to take the shuttle bus from Osan to Incheon airport. You have to check the bus schedule too and you can reserve your trip from ITT.

the invisible woman said...

Thank you!! I was stationed at Osan in 1980 and it looks like not much has changed and its still beautiful. well the street food weren't chicken nuggets back then..but thanks for capturing those streets and marketplaces for me again. AMAZING

Missy said...

Invisible woman- thanks for visiting my blog, wow 1980 was 31 years ago, you should try and visit Osan ;-)

Anonymous said...

hello, we are now stationed at misawa and will visit Hong Kong this summer. We are gonna fly via SPACE-A and stay overnight at Osan for one night, then take a night flight the next day via Incheon Airport. Since you mention about reserving a seat with ITT, wondering if you mean Osan ITT? Thank you in advance for your reply and suggestions.

Missy said...

Hi Anonymous, yes it's Osan ITT you can reserve a seat when taking the bus to Incheon Airport.

Anonymous said...

COOL!!! Will do and thanks for your reply.