Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crystal Mountain Resort, Washington

What a breathtaking view!

The parking lot

My daughter, her friend and my son seating on a chair lift going up the hill, I wish I was there too

bye bye


Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

Happy New Year Everyone! Sorry for this late post, I've been busy with unpacking our stuff in our new house and with the recent holidays activities.

So, I posted our first road trip in Washington, it was in Dec. 27, 2010 we went to Crystal Mountain Resort to go snowboarding. I didn't get to snow board this time but I will ;-) once we go back to that lovely place (I think I'm missing Misawa, Japan now and I really need to play in the snow hehehe).

Crystal Mountain is the largest ski resort in Washington state, it is located in the Mount Baker- Snoqualmie National Forest. It's about an hour and a half drive from our house.

The chair lift fees:

adult (18-69)- $65
senior(70+)- $40 (wow, their lucky if they can still ski or snowboard hehehe)
youth- (11-17)- $60
child- (0-10)- free

We are scheduled to go back there at the end of this month, so excited to snowboard again. Yipee!


docgelo said...

so this is your travel blog!
thank you ms. alice for leaving the link on your last comment.
tagal din ako di nakabisita sa hula scoop mo.

tagos ang ginaw sa photos sa computer ko! grrrr!

Missy said...

docgelo- yes, this is my travel blog hehehe, thanks for dropping by ;-) and hopefully you can visit me again next time hehehe with more snow on my post so you'll feel cold again

dong ho said...

ive been dreaming of seeing snow. i might see it first in china.

and when i get to the US ill definitely try skiing.

bertN said...

My children and grandchildren will love this place!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Was also looking at your previous entry - from the warmth of Hawaii to the freezing slopes of this resort in Washington, that's quite a contrast. Which one do you prefer?

Missy said...

dong ho- you should come and visit the US and try both, skiing and snowboarding, it's fun!

bertN- how about you? have you tried snowboarding when you were younger? hehehe

nomadic- yes, you're correct it's quite a contrast hehehe, I love Hawaii! a lot of American would love to see and visit Hawaii and so I'm lucky to experience and live in paradise hehehe...Washington is always gloomy now I'm lacking vitamin D hehehe, no sun here!

sofj said...

I'm glad you didn't over compensate on your pictures. The snow is white, like it should be, not off white.

love this set. Northern Japan is the best.

Missy said...

Hi sofj- thanks for visitng us...the Crystal Mountain Resort is in Washington not in Japan but you are correct Northern Japan is the best ;-)