Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Japanese Engrish

While I was digging my "Japanese stuff" in one of my boxes I found my small screw drivers still in the plastic pack. It's really a coincidence, I was looking for a small screw driver so I can open my camera. So I read the back of the package and it says:

" Caution: Please keep after use to the place which an infantile hand does not reach. Please use it for screws, which suited, such as glasses. Moreover, to the slot on the screw, please insert in straightly and turn. When the size of a driver does not suit a screw, its screw slot may be huet. Be careful."

The only sentence that I understood here was the last one, "Be careful," hehehe. Oh well, I just ignored the caution as long as I am careful of using it I would be fine, right? lol

Can you translate this?

I think something is missing ....I miss Japan!


bertN said...

I miss Japan, too. As much as their English is bad, my Nihonggo is even worse LOL.

docgelo said...

I am with you and bert in missing japan! I miss tokyo!!! as usual, natawa ako sa post mong ito. pero mas aliw ang english dito sa penang; hilarious talaga!

por eksampol :
pag ubos na o out of stock na binibili mo -either food, shoes or whatever. they will tell you here --It's finished!

Missy said...

bert- you are correct, my Nihonggo is worse too lol, dame!

docgelo- You should go back to Tokyo now you have a new DSLR lol....so Malaysian have the same bad engrish too? hehehe out of stock--- It's finished??? LOL so funny