Sunday, March 20, 2011

Veedol Beach, Misawa

Huge rocks that serve as breakwater

Does this sign mean we have to bring the sand and not leave on the beach? hehehe


I wonder what happened to Veedol Beach in Misawa after the tsunami hit the Northeastern part of Japan? Although Misawa is located in North of Japan I heard that the beach and the Misawa Fishing Port were also hit by the tsunami but not that as intense as what happened to Sendai.

The pictures above were all taken when we were still in Misawa, Japan. We were there summer, August 2010, that was the last time we went to that beach. We had a picnic under the cabana and the kids enjoyed swimming. I didn't swim though, I may get tanned ;-) and it's still cold.

Veedol Beach or Miss Veedol Beach is a 10 minute drive from where we used to live and I remember last year when we had a strong earthquake (I think 6+ magnitude) I was so scared that tsunami would hit us, we had a tsunami warning that time, my husband was deployed in Qatar and I was so scared and confused where to go, my husband's wife's boss called me making sure we are safe and far from the beach.....and so I decided to go to Misawa Base and spent few hours at the base exchange (bx) just to make sure we're all safe and far from tsunami. What more now that they had an 8.9 magnitude?? I'm glad I'm here now in Washington.......I don't want to think about it.......pretty scary. I had enough of earthquakes for 2 years ;-)


Anonymous said...

glad that you have moved in Washington before the disaster..but still we were worried of other brethren who may have been damaged/affected by the tsunami..
we pray that they strengthen their faith especially during this time of calamity.

Reena said...

naalala nga kita agad eh. then remembered u moved out na nga pala. buti nlng. though nakakaawa naman ang mga taga-japan. sna makabangon sila agad.

Missy said...

anonymous- thanks for stopping by and always include Japan in your prayers ;-) by the way...who are you? hehehe

Reena- thanks for remembering me ;-) and I hope Japan will recover fast

bertN said...

Aren't you glad you left Misawa when you did! I'm happy for you and your family but my heart aches for those people who suffered the triple whammies - an earthquake, a tsunami and a potential nuclear meltdown. I lived in Japan long enough to know they will bounce back and soon.

docgelo said...

the recent nature's wrath in japan brought everyone down to our senses--that we can be doomed anytime.

it's a blessing that you moved to washington. but i'm sure you miss misawa too like i miss tokyo despite the fact that i've only been there once.

the photo of the rocks in that breakwater is fascinating. the shapes are unusual.

RJ said...

It's a nice beach but noticeably, there were only few swimmers. Considering the season (it's late summer) and the population of Japan.

...and they spent millions just for the rocks!

Sardonyx said...
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Missy said...

bertN- I'm very glad that I'm here now in the US otherwise I would be scared to death with that 8.9 magnitude earthquake

docgelo- I feel sad too with what's happening in Japan now, they're prepared with the earthquake but didn't expect that huge tsunami will hit them badly...yes I like the shapes of the rocks too ;-)

RJ- it only shows that Japan is a rich country ;-) those rocks actually did help them a lot during the tsunami

Lorena G. Sims said...

You were the first thing in my mind when I heard the news about tsunami in Japan. I'm glad na nakalipat na kayo dito. Great photos!