Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

After passing the border of US and Canada

happy yipee yehey we're in Canada!

Downtown Vancouver

Statues of laughing people??

My son, trying to open the hand hehehe

At English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach

Another view of English Bay Beach

the trolley

At Kadoya Japanese Restaurant


We've been to a road trip last week since it was my daughter's spring break. It was our first time to see Canada. It took us only 3 1/2 hour drive from our place to downtown Vancouver. Actually, we didn't plan on going there, we never booked a hotel and we didn't know where to go. Our initial plan was to go snowboarding since that was my daughter's request but plans changed and we just decided to drive to Canada. That always happens to us anyways hehehe.

Fortunately we were able to find a hotel to stay but only for one night because the following day the hotel was fully booked due to Bon Jovi's Concert. Our hotel place was close to English Bay Beach, which is the most popular in sunbathing, swimming and sunset watching beach in the downtown Vancouver area.

After checking-in we headed to a Japanese Restaurant which was also a stone's throw away from our hotel, we were hungry and my kids were craving for sushi. The restaurant was superb, we liked it!

Vancouver's climate is pretty much the same as Washington: rainy, cloudy and gloomy ;-) I guess it's just an extension of Seattle ;-)

I will post more pictures on my next post ;-)


Reena said...

ang ganda naman dyan. my parents told us that they went to the border of canada din before from the washington state. akala ata ng border patrollers, magti-TNT sila. haha. pero they were really jst there as tourists. :)

Lorena G. Sims said...

I wish you guys stop by our house. Nasa Bellingham kami ng asawa ko. Sayang sana nag kita tayo. Oh well, maybe next time. Beautiful photos!

Rachel Cotterill said...

That looks like great fun :) I can't believe you can drive to Canada so easily! *jealous* I've only been once, to Ottawa, but I really loved it.

Missy said...

Reena- thanks, it's nice there but the weather was gloomy; were your parents able to go to Canada then? hehehe

Lorena- thanks for inviting me, I saw Bellingham on our way to Canada nga, we didn't plan on going there maybe some other time we can meet up ;-)

Rachel- thanks for visiting me again, that the nice thing living in Washington we get to see Canada in just 3 hours hehehe

docgelo said...

i like the statues of laughing people, nakakahawa! siguro kahit bad mood ka, mapapangiti pag nakita mo sila. :D