Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossoms at University of Washington

University of Washington

Cherry Blossom (Sakura)


The photos were taken last week, April 2, 2011 at the University of Washington (UW). I was with my husband and my son when we went to UW to pick up my daughter from her dorm so she can spend her weekend with us. Before we leave I asked my daughter to swing by the campus where the cherry blossoms (sakura) are located and so while my husband and my son were eating in a Japanese Restaurant (they were so hungry that they opted no to join us) so my daughter and I headed to the "quad" where the cherry blossoms are and I was so amazed upon seeing the view: the cherry blossoms around the quadrangle and their buildings, I love the architectural structure. The weather cooperated that time (since we came from Seattle Center few minutes before, and it was raining hard...oh well what do you expect here....we're in Washington....hello! duh! hehehe), it's truly indeed a nice timing to take pictures of the sakura, it's so sunny! It seems like I am really missing Japan during this spring season where we used to go and visit Hirosaki Castle just to see and enjoy sakura festival. The missing part here is the food...there's no food! no street food! and no Japanese food! hehehe.

Note: I have to post these pictures first before continuing my Canada road trip's blog while cherry blossom is still in bloom ;-) and fresh hehehe


Lorena G. Sims said...

That is so amazing! Love your post and the pictures are great! Sorry no street food :(

Missy said...

Lorena- thank you ;-) have you taken any pictures of cherry blossom yet here in Washington?

Reena said...

my cousins studied there! :) anyway, ang ganda ng sakura. i didnt know they used to grow those trees there too. ang ganda. feels like japan all over again.

bertN said...

Ang ganda pala ng campus ng University of Washington!

Missy said...

Reena- thanks, oh so are your cousins from Washington too? I didn't know too that they have cherry blossoms (sakura) here not until I searched for it (sakura).

BertN- yes, I was so amazed when I saw the UW....and I feel very proud that my daughter is studying there ;-)