Thursday, October 20, 2011

Puyallup Fair, Washington

Puyallup Fair entrance gate

Line to order the "elephant ears"

elephant ear

The barn

My son playing at the arcade and won a big stuffed animal

The roller coaster ride
My daughter, son and their friends at the giant slide


Puyallup Fair is held annually in Puyallup, Washington and it's the largest attraction in the state. We were here at the fair last month, Sept. 19 but I didn't have time to post it on time (as usual hehehe).

It's my first time to try and eat the famous "elephant ears" I was so curious about what it's made of from and found out it's just a fried dough. We ordered the cinnamon flavor, my son almost finished the whole "ear" hehehe. I liked it, though it's a lot of calories hehehe. Maybe it was called an elephant ear because its shape is similar to elephant's ear (duh! lol). A lot of the foods at the fair are a bit expensive even the bottled water was $3. The corn was $5 (!!!) and the elephant ear was $6. I didn't bother to buy the scones because the line was long.

My son enjoyed the rides and he was so lucky to win the big prize from the game arcade, the humongous stuffed animal (it was the tiger) but I was the one who was carrying that stuff the whole time we were there. And I was so embarrassed, most of the people were staring at me and one even asked how did I win that prize. I wish that time that I just sold it to her, the girl who asked me about the tiger, so I don't have to carry that while my son, my daughter and her friends were enjoying the rides while me was sitting on a bench with that huge tiger on my lap. Too bad I didn't have the chance to get on to any rides, well obviously I have to carry that.....hmmmp......stuffed animal, hehehe. It was so heavy!

We stayed at the fair for 5 hours, until it closed around 10pm, it was only 20 minutes away from our house anyway.

It's a great experience to be at the fair, a new lifestyle here in Washington.


bertN said...

I know food sold inside fairs are generally expensive but $5 for an ear of corn is outrageous.

Missy said...

bertN- I know the corn was expensive and so I didn't buy it ;-) next time I'll bring my own bottled water hehehe

BlogusVox said...

Racket talaga yang mga yan. The one in Laguna don't allow any food or beverages brought inside their premises.

Elephant ear - that's fried pizza with sugar as toppings. : )