Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Honda Bay Island Hopping, Palawan, Philippines (Our Third Day Tour)

On our way to Honda Bay

"Jeepney," Public Transportation in Palawan

We rented snorkeling gears here

Along Honda Bay while waiting for our boat, for our first tour, "Pambato Reef"

Our tour guide  (wearing his ID) was helping the old man to get off the boat

Pambato Reef, where boats are docked while people are snorkeling....what a gloomy day!

I think I'm one of them but not sure where I am hehehe

It's me!!! Can you see me???

My Dad! with the huge sea turtle on the background

Our next island destination, "Starfish Sand Bar"

Starfish Sandbar

Getting off the boat, at Starfish Sandbar

Boats along Starfish Sandbar, while the clouds are trying to say something.......rain!

The cottage

This was after the rain stopped

Our tour guide was preparing our lunch, slicing the barbecue

Our boatman showing the starfish to my son

Making a grasshopper out of coconut leaves

Grasshopper out of coconut leaves

"love birds"

Bruno Mars, ooppps nope, it's a witch! hehehe

My Dad can break a coconut! hehehe

My Dad trying to push the big beer hehehe

As we approach "Isla Pandan" or "Pandan Island"

Isla Pandan

Another shot at Isla Pandan, the sun did not show up 

My son carrying the big starfish hehehe

Wow massage by the beach

Bar /Store at Pandan Island


Time to go home, the sun disappointed us

July 19, 2012- Honda Bay Tour, Island Hopping (Pambato Reef, Starfish Island/Sandbar and Pandan Island)

Our last tour from our tour package was the Honda Bay Tour.  That day the sun didn't cooperate with us, it was gloomy.  I didn't see much of the crystal clear water, maybe I would appreciate more if the sun showed up :-)  Anyways, still I love Palawan! ;-)

Our first destination was Pambato Reef, after few minutes of boat ride we stopped at pambato reef station where you can see the big sea turtle on top of the floating raft.  This raft is where you wait until your turn to snorkel.  There's a maximum of people that can occupy the waiting station and the number of people who can snorkel.  

I've been snorkeling before when we used to live in Hawaii so this was not new to me.  We enjoyed snorkeling especially my son, who loves swimming.  We saw a lot of different fish and corals.  Unfortunately we didn't have a waterproof camera and so no souvenir pictures under the sea and the camera protector/cover that my Dad rented was not working.  

Then after snorkeling we went to Starfish Island or Sandbar, as soon as we got off from the boat, the rain poured hard.  I was so scared because we were in the middle of the ocean and the waves were so big, the sky were so dark I thought we may get stranded on the island if the rain would not stop.  We were stuck in a small cottage and waited long for the rain to stop (we're afraid we may get wet hahaha).  I can't swim with that big waves and heavy rain, pretty scary!  By the time the rain stopped it's almost lunch time.  Our tour guide prepared some food to eat, this was included in our package.  But.....The food was not enough for all of us since we all like seafood, mangoes and shrimp paste or "bagoong" in Filipino.  If we've known that the tour guide will be bringing food, we should have bought and brought more seafood and fruits.  We told our tour guide that they should put more food or at least let the tourists/customers know if they want more food than what includes in the standard package.  After taking some pictures we headed already to Pandan Island since we were behind of our schedule because of the heavy rain, we didn't enjoy much in Starfish Island although it would be enjoyable if the sun came out.

When we were at Pandan Island it rained again,  we went swimming a little bit and then after an hour we changed our clothes already.  It was gloomy and you can't enjoy swimming if it's kind of dark.  Only on this island that you can take a shower and change your clothes. This island is pretty nice but the rain ruin our day and did not enjoy swimming in the beach.

We were so tired going home but still we enjoyed the island hopping,  there's still no place like Palawan.


Photo Cache said...

your dad is pretty cool to pose for you.

Beth said...

Wow! I'm so in love na din with Palawan, just by looking at your pictures! Too bad nga it rained a bit and the sun didn't show up/ Pero ok lang at least you enjoyed. Mukhang Dad mo ang super enjoy. I like the pic where he's carrying a big starfish. :)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Those are funny "cheesy" moments captured there! It lightens the mood in a really good way :)

I'm always fond of Palawan and will never tire of promoting it to anyone.

Missy said...

photocache- thanks, my Dad likes to pose and take pictures too hehehe

Missy said...

Beth- you should visit Palawan, it's a must see in the Philippines ;-) by the way the one carrying the big starfish was my son hehehe

Missy said...

nomadic- thanks ;-) my Dad really likes to pose hehehe now I really miss him

docgelo said...

Honestly, I was dropped jaw while looking at the photos and reading this post. Photos were taken with wit and humor; I love that coconut shot with Daddy and that starfish pic with son! Ang kulit! :)

Thanks for taking us (your readers) to Palawan, particularly me who hasn't set foot on that island paradise.

Reena said...

Nakakatuwa naman yung dad mo! Game na game mag-pose. Parang kilala ko kung sino director...

Sayang, the sun didnt come out pero I bet youhad so much fun. I love Palawan too. Yan ang tipo kong beach dstination.

So kelan ang balik mo sa Pilipinas? :)

Nikola said...

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Missy said...

Reena- oo laging game and Dad ko basta magpopose sa picture hehehe minsan sya pa nagdidirect kung saan ang magandang angle

We will try to go back Pinas probably next year....I wish talaga, miss ko na Philippines e hehehe

Missy said...

docgelo- actually the boatman was the one who told us to take pose with the coconut at starfish e....you should visit Palawan Doc and add El Nido to your itinerary

goforvacations said...

Honda Bay, El Nido and Kamai Bay are the best place for vacation in Palawan. I love the island.