Monday, May 6, 2013

Ugong Rock Adventure, Palawan, Philippines (Second Day Tour)

Along Sabang beach, a gloomy day :-'(

Underground River

"Tamilok" or Wood Worm

My son trying to eat the "wood worm" (eeewwww)
Another shot of the Underground River
My son playing rocks

Karst Mountain Elephant Cave

Another view of the Karst Mountain Cave plus 2 Nipa huts
Ugong Rock Adventures
Ugong Cave
Me, " spelunking"trying to go to the top 

Just wearing slippers,  "spelunking" or caving was not even in our plan
Can you see people wearing orange vest? Their place is where the end of the zipline

My hubby, ziplining...can you see him??

It's my turn....ziplining...whoaaaa!!

Still me

and me....I survived!!! 

After ziplining time to eat....sizzling seafood sisig

Seafood Kangkong

Coconut with watermelon and pineapple inside with brown sugar on top

Ka Lui Restaurant

Our second day tour, Underground River, July 18, 2012

Our scheduled tour for that day was the Underground River, after our breakfast we headed to Sabang Pier already.  The package includes the tour fees and permit, boat rides and lunch buffet.  So upon arrival at the pier we let our tour guide handle all the transactions for our Underground River tour and while waiting for our turn for the boat ride we went to eat lunch buffet.

There's one lady that was selling the "wood worms" or "tamilok" while we were eating outside the restaurant,   my husband  bought some since my son was very eager to try and taste it, so he did.... same with my Dad and my husband but not me.  They said it tasted like oysters, whatever it tastes like still, I would never ever try that....eeewwww hehehe.

So after lunch we waited for few minutes before our turn to ride the boat. When we were in the underground river site, we still have to wait for another boat ride to get inside the cave. It's amazing experience to witness this "wonder of nature" unfortunately I didn't turn on my flash to take pictures inside I was just scared of the bats who may be distracted of flashlights and may chase us hehehe.

After the tour we were supposed to go back to the resort but we asked the tour guide if we can see and check the Ugong Rock Zipline.  We saw that place when we were heading to Underground River.  This was not in our itinerary and we were not prepared that we will be doing spelunking and ziplining. So my husband, brother-in-law, my son and I decided to try while the oldies (my Dad, my step mom, father and mother in laws stayed and waited for us.

This was the first time for my son who that time was eager to climb to the top but when we were on our last phase of spelunking he was trying to convince me to go back hehehe he was scared at first to wear the harness and climb through big line ropes hehehe but I was able to convince him to finish by ziplining and he really enjoyed it.

For me, this was my third time ziplining but this zipline was the steepest one among the 3 I tried.  My first one was only a short zipline which was in my jazzercise instructor's huge yard, second was in Ontario, Canada (which I forgot to post it here probably next time when I have a chance).

I noticed that the tour guides here in Ugong Rock are in between 30s, 40's age or maybe 50's but I like the idea of hiring them to help these people to get a job even they're kind of old....age really doesn't matter here.  Whoever is the owner/manager of this Ugong Rock, thumbs up, you rock! lol

Thanks to our tour guide (our guide during our entire stay in Palawan), he was the one taking pictures when we were doing spelunking and ziplining I think I regret of giving my camera to him, we don't have enough nice pictures hehehe. He ziplined first before us so we don't have nice pictures on top.

After Ugong Rock we headed back to the resort and got rested for few hours and ate dinner at Ka Lui. Superb food and the ambiance inside is very relaxing.

Next post is our third day tour, island hopping.


Photo Cache said...

really enjoying this documentation. someday i hope to visit this place.

both the hubs and i are dying to have a taste of the wood worm after andrew zimmern featured it on his show.

docgelo said...

wow, nag zipline ka! astig!!!
di ko pa nagawa iyon! ma-try ko nga mamaya (agad-agad!)

tamilok! ang husay ng anak mo, missy! may pinagmanahan malamang?! :)

kakainggit ang adventures nyo sa palawan! :)

Missy said...

photo cache- yeah you should visit Palawan and try the exotic wood worm hehehe, at least you want to try it ;-)I just can't imagine to eat that it's too long it may stuck in my throat hahaha

Missy said...

docgelo- you should try that tamilok hehehe and of course yun zipline, sarap ng feeling

eileeninmd said...

What an interesting place. My hubby would love the river and the spleunking. And the ziplining looks like fun, I have not tried it yet. Wonderful photos, have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Missy said...

Hi Eileen- thanks also for visiting my blog, ziplining is really fun you should try ;-)

Beth said...

I can't eat tamilok! Never! I'm scared of worms!

Over ba? Hehehe. Your son is so brave to try wood worms. I watched that in TV and they said it has a musky smell and woody taste (of course). Anyway, very brave of you to try ziplining! Wow!

The Travel Archives said...

Nice blog! :) Hope you could follow mine as well -