Sunday, May 30, 2010

Geibi Gorge

The cliff

Our boat

The bridge


The "wishing wall"

Geibi Gorge

I was so excited to post these pictures from the trip we had yesterday so I uploaded them and posted here now. It's really indeed amazing scenic views!!!

We went to Geibi Gorge or Geibikei in Iwate prefecture, it's about 4 hour-drive from Misawa. The trip was long but it's really worth to see these beautiful sceneries.

I enjoyed the boat ride, our boatman even sang the "song of Geibi" it's a folk song of Japan. Though I haven't understood any of the lyrics I enjoyed it hehehe. Our boatman is very friendly and accommodating he even let us paddle the boat with the long bamboo pole. My daughter and I tried it just for a pose on our camera hehehe. We even had a free foot spa, along the side of the falls. So hot but it's so relaxing.

The Geibi gorge is approximately 2 kilometers long with 100-meter precipitous cliffs.

Excerpt from the brochure:

"Geibi Gorge, where fantastically-shaped rock formations tower high above, and the lush greenery celebrates the glory of the seasons. Numbered one of the most picturesque spots in Japan, this beautiful gorge was carved from strata of limestone by the Satetsu River."


Abraham Lincoln said...

These are some beautiful pictures. I don't remember this place. But I was probably too far north to know much about it.

Reena said...

ang ganda. the place looks so serene.

Melissa said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the gorgeous photos and another great location to go try out. I would love to venture down there to check out the gorge. Was there anything else you did in the area? Did you see any small children on the boats? We have a baby (who I'd wear in a carrier) and a toddler and was just wondering if you saw any other little children or if it's just not a good idea. Thanks!

Missy said...

Abe- maybe you're right you'll probably don't know this place way back when you were stationed here. This was like a 4-hour trip almost close to Sendai.

Reena- yes, it's a breathtaking sceneries and so serene

Melissa- there were small children on the bus, the smallest one probably is a 3 yr old boy. We first went to Chusonji Temple which I will post the pictures some time this week (if I have time hehehe). Kids will love this place, but the only problem for the kids is the trip is too long (4 hours going back to Misawa) and we only have one rest stop for 10 minutes.

Joy said...

Woooow! That is so beautiful. Like a secret Eden.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Hope your week started well!

Photo Cache said...

these views are truly scenic. i'd go with secret garden of eden too.

thanks for visiting drive by.

Missy said...

Joy- thanks for that compliment, I've never been to the secret of Eden LOL

Photo Cache- yes, it's really remarkable day for me to vost this place and I hope to visit more places here before we leave ;-'(

bertN said...

Beautiful with a capital "B"! I would not mind hiking long hours to get to such a place.

eDreGiN said...

Beautiful place indeed! Japan is one of my dream destinations. Truly one of the reasons to work hard and save. Japan 2013! Yay! Hehe'

hiro said...

I’ve just visited Geikei and Hiraizumi at the end of May. It was a wonderful trip full of nature in Iwate. I’m writing a piece of information on Geibikei for the website of Tokyo Free Gide. I’m a guide to show foreign tourists mainly around Tokyo. I’ll put your report link in my report.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

it's like looking at a classic landscape Japanese painting except this one is real and incredibly beautiful!

Doreen said...

thanks for posting these wonderful images. Geibi Gorge is an amazing place with so much beauty and wonder.

Missy said...

bertN- thanks, it's rally capital B Bbbeautiful!!! hehehe, a breathtaking scenery, I really love this place

edregin- thanks for visiting my site, yes you need to visit Japan ;-)

hiro-thanks for dropping my blog and thanks for linking my site to your report

Nomadic- yeah looks like a painting hehehe but it's real ;-)

Doreen- thanks for stopping by, yes Geibi Gorge is so amazing

dong ho said...

carps on its natural habitat?!!! cant imagine that. japan is simply beautiful!

Missy said...

Dong- thanks, yes you're correct really simply beautiful ;-)