Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (Part 2)

Hirosaki Castle with the cute Japanese Ladies posing on the side ;-)

Hanami (Flower Viewing), picnic under the trees

The Inner South Gate

The big clock at Hirosaki Arboretum

Mt Iwaki View

People at Firing Squad hehehe actually they're posing for the Mt Iwaki view

Here's the another view of Mt Iwaki and to see why the people were standing along the fence

The Bridge

The Food Booths

Another food booths

Grilled Mochi

Grilled Mochi (sweet rice)

Shrimp costs 600 yen (~$6.50) a piece (!!!!)

Chicken karaaga

Tako yaki (octopus ball)

Toy Store

Choco Banana


This is the continuation of my post on Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival. Since we didn't get to see the full bloom of the cherry blossom we just enjoyed our trip by eating a lot of food from the food booths. Do I have to say only "cherry tress" now? hehehe since no blossom at all?

Some people were eating under the cherry blossom trees which they called "hanami" I feel so envy with them, they're so very happy eating food, drinking beers and playing some card games. And while Japanese people are enjoying their "hanami", my children and I just sat on the grass along the side of the road and found some plastic bags to sit on and ate our barbecue, grilled corn, choco banana, yaki soba while viewing the people who pass by our front :-) hmmm what do you think should I call that?? I don't think that's hanami hehehe since there were not eating under the trees ;-). I wish my husband was there that day so he could bring/carry some folding chairs for us LOL.

Oh well...I hope you enjoy my pictures, I know it took so long for my part 2 but I was so busy at home (doing facebook LOL).

By the way, we may be moving out soon from Japan and go back to US sometime this year (our tour was cut short from our 3 year tour). So I will be taking more pictures of Japan while we're still here and share the best pictures here on my blog ;-) so don't miss my posts, my few months in Japan ;-)


Joy said...

The Japanese are so quaint! I love many of the things they do. And all that lovely food. I wish I could visit soon.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Enjoy your Saturday!

bertN said...

$6.50 for one shrimp! Nakakaiyak naman sa mahal 'yan. The same size shrimps cost $5.00 per pound in the Asian market I go to and I thought that's mahal.

Missy said...

Joy- thanks for visiting my blog, welcome back!

BertN- yup you're correct so expensive!! So next time don't hesitate to buy a $5 per pound shrimp in the Asian market, you're still lucky LOL