Tuesday, August 30, 2011

California Trip- Downtown Disney, Hollywood Blvd and Griffith Observatory

On our way to California from our hotel in Las Vegas, "Zzyxx Road" how do you read this sign?

Scary town ;-P

Going to Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney, just right outside Disneyland

Apple with Chocolate shaped as Mickey Mouse

Apple coated with red, white and blue cream for the 4th of July theme

Hollywood Blvd

On our way to Kodak Theatre

The famous, "walk of fame"

Looks like the girl got lost and asking Batman and Catwoman for the right directions hehehe

at Kodak Theatre

at Kodak Theatre ground

overlooking Hollywood sign from Kodak Theatre

Overlooking Los Angeles taken at Griffith Observatory Park

Hollywood Sign taken at Griffith Observatory Park

Griffith Observatory


Road Trip to California (from Las Vegas)- July 2, 2011

Our second day in Las Vegas, we drove all the way to Anaheim, California for 4 hours. We met up our friends from Hawaii at Downtown Disney but we didn't go inside the Disneyland due to lack of time. We stayed there a bit, ate snacks and chit chat with our friends and then all of us headed to Hollywood Blvd. I lived in Long Beach California for 8 years but we'd never been to Hollywood Blvd and Griffith Observatory hehehe. I blamed my husband to that ;-P but now I keep myself busy traveling around here in Washington or other states or countries just to catch up what I missed in California and I won't let that happen to me again hehehe.

My first time to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater (dang! hehehe). We went also to Hard Rock Cafe to buy a shot glass for my collection ;-) we stayed at Kodak Theater ground for few minutes and decided to go to Griffith Observatory to see and take pictures of the "Hollywood Sign" where we also met up another friends from Long Beach.

We enjoyed the trip though it was so exhausting, we had a late dinner and left California around 9:30pm and arrived at our hotel in Las Vegas at 1:30am and no time to paly the slot machines hehehe.


Photo Cache said...

very nice day trip. i haven't seen all those sights yet. one day i'll try to go to socal when there's a good deal.

Bagman and Butler said...

I loved this blog because it brought back many memories of 1970 when I lived -- briefly -- off of Hollywood Blvd.

Missy said...

photo cache- thanks, yes you should try and vist SoCal ;-P

Bagman and Butler- wow you lived in HOllywood Blvd? You should visit that place again someday ;-)

docgelo said...

syempre reminiscing na naman ako ng bakasyon ko sa merika dati pagnakikita ko itong travelog mo.
who would not miss being in disneyland, anaheim? and hollywood walk of fame, buti na lang sarado pa ang mga shops sa rodeo drive when we got there early before 10am. haha.. (wala naman kami budget e)... hey, si batman nasa picture, where's robin? :)

Missy said...

doc- you're so lucky that you've been to Rodeo Drive, my hubby won't let me go there hahaha, I may spot a brnaded bag na ikabutas ng bulsa nya e hahaha....I think Robin got lost that's why batman and catwoman (or batwoman???) asking the lady on the picture lol

Reena said...

i didn't see the hollywood sign when we were there. ang pathetic. lol. the apples look yummy! sayang, ndi ka nakapaglaro ng slot machines sa vegas. hehe.

Lawstude said...

i wonder. when can i go there? my mom and brother lives in chicago so hopefully, they could sponsor me there :)

thanks for the virtual tour.

bertN said...

Every time I see that Zzyxx Rd sign, I feel the urge to check it out....one of these days I will.

Missy said...

Reena- it's ok that you didn't get the chance to see the Hollywood sign, I've lived there for 8yrs and didn't see that at all until we came back that trip (july 2011)

Lawstude- I bet someday you'll be able to see California ;-)

BertN- hehehe, let us know if you happened to check that place huh ;-P