Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grand Canyon, Arizona

My son was showing me his "plank"

The Colorado River


Day 2 Trip:

During our second day in Las Vegas, (July 1, 2011) we drove up to Grand Canyon, Arizona. It took us 4 hours to get there but it's worth to drive when we saw the breathtaking view of Grand Canyon. That was my third time to see it but I'm still loving to see the wonder of this canyon, its landscape is so amazing, it's really wonder's nature and a proof that God created it. My first time we were there was Aug. 2002, my son was only 1 year old then. We went the second time 2003, with my friend and her family who came to US for vacation, but that time my husband was in Korea ( 1 year tour). And now this time....with my new baby, my DSLR camera hehehe so much better shots than before. I remember my first sony digital camera, I have to use the 3 1/2" floppy disk that can only take 1 shot if I use the best quality (~1.4Mbytes is the disk space). So just to save memories I have to use email shots which have poor quality pictures. That camera was humongous hahaha, I should have kept i for souvenir.

The Grand Canyon National Park is separated into South and North rims. The South rim is the most popular one with 90% visitors coming in and it's all year round open to the public. And obviously we were in the 90% visitors of the South rim. There are multiple points in the park where we could see different views and angles of the canyon. We took the shuttle bus just to see the different views. The Pima Point is where we saw the Colorado river view.

We only stayed in Grand Canyon Park for approximately 5 hours since we had only limited time, we drove back to our hotel in Vegas around 7:30pm. We were so exhausted when we got back to the hotel, no time to gamble. We headed straight to our room and slept.


Photo Cache said...

everytime one goes there i think she/he sees something new. what a marvelous sight, right?

did i tell you my husband and i wept the first time we saw it. spontaneous crying. it's just so beautiful kc.

docgelo said...

breathtaking views, sards!
wow, thanks for sharing; these are awesome!

Missy said...

photo cache- yeah I agree, grand canyon is so beautiful that you can't explain the feeling of being there, breathtaking.

docgelo- thanks for dropping by and yes it's awesome ;-)

bertN said...

I never get tired of visiting the place but I do not have the guts to hike down to the river for fear that I cannot make it back up. May be when I was younger......