Monday, August 1, 2011

Las Vegas Vacation- Belagio

On our plane heading to Las Vegas, Nevada

Another top view

at the airport, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas Nevada

Even at the airport there are already some slot machines that you can play with

at the car rental area, where you can see some slot machines

another sneak view of the slot machines, it's very tempting already hehehe

driving to our hotel

Caesar's Palace Casino taken from our car

Mandalay Bay

Encore and Wynn Casino Hotels


Circus Circus Casino Hotel

Driving around at our first night

The Mirage Casino Hotel


Inside the Belagio Casino Hotel

Another view inside the Belagio

The Liberty Bell of Belagio, celebrating the Independence Day

My son, pretending to drink the water fountain hehehe

Close-up view of the huge wheel at the Belagio, looks like a ferris wheel

still at Belagio, love the design of the ceiling

Last view of the liberty bell and the American flags

Eiffel Tower and Paris Casino Hotels

View of Belagio and Caesar's Palace Casino Hotels

Belagio's Dancing Fountain

Last shot, the finale ;-)


Sorry for this late post, I've been so busy with our road trips and I hope I can catch up soon ;-) with my travelog.

The pictures above were all taken last June 30, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's been almost 8 years since we visited there. My son even forgot everything we did when the last time we were in Vegas. When we used to live in Long Beach, California, we always go there (Vegas) every year even if it's just 1 day trip and I remember one time we just went there just to eat breakfast at one of the hotel's breakfast buffet and after that we just walked around took some pictures and then went home the same day, we only spent 4 hours there and spent more time shopping at the outlet nearby.....and it's a 4-hour drive to Long Beach, CA. And actually we did it again this trip hehehe.

And now, we're thousand miles away from California and Las Vegas we were so happy to see the "sin city" again for the first time since we came back from overseas (Japan and including Hawaii). Would you believe it that we never had the chance to gamble during our stay there??? I think we used our hotel just to sleep over and never spent time in the hotel more than 8 hours at all hehehe.

The next day we headed to Grand Canyon, Arizona and by the time we came back it's already midnight and very exhausted to play at the casino.

We had a good deal with our package (I think), which included the flight and hotel at $279 for 4 days and 3 nights already (per person). We stayed at Circus Circus Hotel but never had the chance to bring my son to play at the arcade nor to see the free circus show (ohhh too bad for my son though)....and the fact that Circus Circus hotel is popular for kids' activities hehehe .....well at least I didn't mention it to him or else he will really get mad at me hahaha.

We went to Vegas with our friends and their families but without my daughter ;-( we were 3 families who came all from Washington and bought the same travel package at the same time ;-) through online. My daughter had her separate trip to Long Beach, CA and stayed in her best friend's house but she didn't go to Vegas though.

Hey actually, I don't gamble (it's really true! hehehe) I would rather go shopping for few hours to spend my money than to spend it to slot machines just for few minutes hehehe (am I a good girl?). But we never had the chance to go shopping too (good for me though since I didn't have enough budget for that hehehe), so we just went on a road trip to different scenic views and take souvenir pictures to share with our friends on facebook and on my travel blog hahaha.

I will post more pictures from our road trips to Grand Canyon and California and then New York and Canada.

By the way, I have spent only $1 at slot machine when I was waiting for my husband to get our rental car at the car rental area, a shuttle bus away from the airport ;-) and I lost hahaha. That's the only time I played the slot machine.....and didn't come back at the casino and I didn't regret it at all.


bertN said...

One dollar spent/lost at the slot machines at Vegas? You will drive me nuts! I'm used to my companions being glued to slot machines who think that it is the solution to their money problem. It never is, was or ever will be. I'm glad I realized that early enough to keep my sanity and my wallet intact.

Life Moto said...

beautiful indeed the place. sure you have a great time.

Missy said...

bertN- yes it's true only $1 spent in Vegas hahaha, I'm not a gambler ;-P

LifeMoto- yes it's a nice place and a lot of activities to enjoy and relax ;-)

Photo Cache said...

we took the same deal - 2 yrs ago that was $150 that was the last time i was in vegas.

it's fun for the photographer to be there. that's what i go there for and not the gambling bec i don't want to lose money.

it looks like a fun vacation. have you posted the grand canyon shots yet?

Missy said...

Photo Cache- that was a better deal package than we had ;-) it's really a fun vacation and pretty tiring though hahaha, I haven't posted my pictures in Grand Canyon....soon ;-)

docgelo said...

sards, if you envy my thailand post, mas laglag panga naman ako sa post mo kasi bellagio ito! we've been to LV year 2000 pa! hala,hindi pa kami kasal ni tina noon, hahaha... i seriously love their dancing fountain (every 15min yun di ba?) tapos ang tugtog before ay con te partiro ni andrea boccelli, na napanood namin ang fountain upclose and on top of that eiffel tower replica in paris hotel, that moment was purely magical! ang saya! pero ang lamig din sa taas ng eiffel tower lalo na gabi at wala akong jacket! haha!

bakit naman $1 lang sa slot machine? the clicking sound of slot machines DURING THOSE TIMES were music to my ears, ang saya sa tenga ng kalansing nila! ting ting ting ting! hehehe nakapuno ako ng ilang tabo (from hotels, yung lalagyan ng coins) pero inuwi ko din sila na empty tabo kasi natalo din (google translate : walang swerte sa sugal si docgelo).

i envy you more,i miss las vegas!

ps: nagstay kami noon sa mgm at sa now defunct, stardust... and yes, enjoy ako sa monorail connecting luxor and other hotels. uy, yung volcano sa mirage! ayan na nagblog na ako dito, hahaha!

Missy said...

docgelo- buti ka pa nga nakapunta sa replica ng Eiffel Tower kami hindi pa e....we were in front of the fountain just right outside the Belagio that's why we had nice view

the sad thing about the new slot machines they don't give out coins na, they have this card to redeem your prize (I think) that's why I haven't heard any "ting ting ting ting" sounds hahaha and we didn't stay at the casino only pag dumadaan lang kami going to our hotel room

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I would not mind visiting the casinos just to see what's inside and the happenings!!Have to admit I have lost at slot machines out of curiosity!! The dancing fountain is fabulous.

dong ho said...

the place where both the external and internal parts of the building are enchanting.

i love caesar's palace.

Missy said...

keats- thanks for visiting, you're correct out of curiosity that's why we went to casinos hehehe

dong ho- I love caesar's palace too ;-) and belagio