Monday, October 6, 2008

Asamushi Aquarium

Asamushi Aquarium is located in Aomori. Kids may enjoy the dolphin show but of course it's incomparable to Seaworld (for those of you who have been to Sea World). There are a lot of different type of fish, penguin (remember happy feet movie? there was a mexican accent penguin, I don't remember that kind of penguin but I saw him there hehehe)big squid, huge stingray, sharks, nemo (clown fish) and dory ( I forget what kind of fish is dory from nemo movie :-)'s blue! :-) :-)...and many more.

Directions: We got the directions from ITT and too sad.....we got lost following that directions.

One of the pictures that I uploaded shows the map going to Aquarium and I hope this will give you an idea on how to get there. I just remember we ended up taking the route 4 all the way to the aquarium without taking the toll road, we just enjoyed the scenery and forget that we didn't find the toll road entrance just drove around the bay.

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