Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farmer's Market

  • I always buy vegetables and fruits at the farmer's market right across the Veedol Plaza or the Super City Asahi or whatever they call it :-)

  • Everything over there is so cheap and that's why I buy a lot of fruits for my kids. One time, my friend and I bought 4 pieces of big cabbage for just 100 yen (~$1) so we shared the cabbage I got 2 pcs and she got 2 too only for 50 yen (hahaha I know it's simple math just to make it clear) . Onions for 500yen for 18pcs. I think it's better if you shop with your friends so you can buy/share with them.

  • The persimmon is not that cheap compared to California's and after a week the persimmon got a lot cheaper in Veedol plaza, 8pcs for 280 yen, maybe when they were selling these they're not in season yet.
  1. First picture is persimmon fruits
  2. Second Picture is apples
  3. Third Picture is the Farmer's Market Place right across Veedol Plaza
Directions: Coming from POL gate only, I live off-base and I'm not familiar coming from the main gate.
  1. From POL gate go straight and you will pass Lawson, Asahi Super Drug, make a right when you see Universe on the corner of the street. Universe is on the left.
  2. Go straight, you will pass McDonald's.
  3. You will see on your right side is the "Super City Asahi" sign.
  4. Make a right on this stop light.
  5. Parking lot is on your left and the Farmer's Market is on your left too. Across this parking lot is the Super City Asahi or Veedol Plaza.


Luv2Cr8Art said...

Do you know if this is also called the 9 Day Market?? Thanks for sharing this great blog of information. :)


Missy said...

yes, this farmer's market is every 9th, 19th and 29th of each month, thanks for dropping by