Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giga Outlet Store

  1. Giga Outlet is a furniture store located in Shimoda, close to Shimoda Mall.
  2. I bought some furnitures here (like book shelf, bar stools, CD/DVD shelf, etc.) which are cheap compared to Homac and Sunday Store. I also bought curtains here since I live off-base, the price is 1000 yen for 2 panels so it's like ~$5 for each panel. Pretty cheap, huh? I also bought carpet and area rugs. I really love shopping here to decorate our house.

    Directions: (sorry I don't know how to get here using toll road but it only takes 10-15 minutes coming from Misawa Ice Arena area where I live)

    1. From Misawa AB's POL Gate go straight and make a left on Universe (you will pass Asahi Super Drug)
    2. Go straight, you will pass Eneos Gas Station and Family Mart, continue driving make a right when you see Lawson Store on the right and you will see signs going to AEON mall which is the Shimoda Mall.
    3. Go straight you will pass farm fields continue driving for approximately 10 minutes until you see on the right side the Shimoda Mall.
    4. Make a right where you can see Shimoda Mall, you will see a blue overpass ( I think) and this is where you will make a right turn.
    5. Go straight until you see Giga outlet on the right side, Giga outlet is before Shimoda mall.
    6. Make a U-turn in front of Giga Outlet.
    7. When you make a u-turn Giga outlet is on your left hand side and parking lot is big.

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