Sunday, October 5, 2008

Misawa International Center

Misawa International Center (MIC) is next to Misawa Ice Arena you can hold meetings and other group activities here in MIC.

1. From POL gate of Misawa AB go straight and make a left on Universe Grocery store
2. Go straight and pass Eneos gas station, you will pass rice fields on both sides of the road (or maybe a raddish field, whatever vegetables are those :-)) after you pass this field make a left, you may see Family Mart which is on the right side (but you must make a left before family mart)

3. If you pass family Mart you already passed the road.
4. After turning left, go straight and there is a T-intersection, make a right turn and you will see Misawa Ice Arena, pass the entrance of ice arena and right after that is the MIC entrance parking lot make a right and you will see MIC on your left side. MIC and Ice Arena are both sharing parking lots.


If you happen to pass the family mart you can make a left on the next road and make another left on the first road, and go straight and you will see parking lot on your left hand side.

By the way, this is where we sometimes hold our group worship service.


Don said...

Wow, awesome pictures and such a change since I was stationed at Misawa AB in 52 and 53. It has changed so much that I don't recognize anything. These are great pictures...thanks. The most memorable thing to me was that we had 52 inches of snow in one week. Don M.

Missy said...

Hi Don- thanks for visiting my blog.