Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

I didn't know that Japan is also celebrating Halloween. The picture above was taken in Shimoda mall, they are also selling some halloween stuff.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sizzling Plate Care Instructions- in English

Whoahh!! I bought a sizzling plate from a 100 yen store and I was happy to find out that there is an english care instructions so I read it.....after reading that, I had a terrible headache. Help!!! I need a good translation on this I really can not understand it :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Super City Asahi or Veedol Plaza

Super City Asahi or Veedol Plaza
  • Some people they call this store Veedol Plaza and some are Super City Asahi but whatever it is, it offers a lot of stores, there is Daiso or the 100 yen store, marche, asahi, sample style ( I don't know if this is the name, I just got the name from the plastic bag hehehe), there is a grocery inside, video arcades and some small fast food restaurants.

  • The store opens 10:00am.
From Main Gate:
  1. Go straight and make a right turn on the 2nd stop light.
  2. Go straight until you see a Y-intersection, make a left on this intersection. This is like a T-intersection though but for me this is more Y as long as there is no road going straight, that's the time you make a left.
  3. Go straight and make a right on the stop light where you will see on the corner of the intersection is Coco's restaurant or McDonald's across Coco's.
  4. Go straight and you will see on your right side is the sign Super City Asahi.
  5. Parking lot is in front, the pictures are showing the front parking lot.
From POL Gate:
  1. Go straight and pass Asahi Super Drug, make a right on the stop light where you see Universe and Nogawa Furniture store.
  2. Go straight, you will pass Pachinko and McDonald's, keep driving and you will see on the right side the sign Super City Asahi.
  3. Make a right on this stop light and parking lot is in front of the store.
This store is used to be a Daiei store, Daiei is still showing up on the downtown map from ITT so beware that you might get lost looking for Daiei.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Harvest Time

When I was walking early morning along the farm fields I noticed that a lot of rice have been harvested already and it's pretty cute to see a lot of haystacks lining up in the field. I wonder what are they gonna do after piling all those hays???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tanesashi Seaside

These pictures were taken in Tanesashi Seaside in Hachinohe. We went there last Oct. 13, it's a holiday (Columbus Day) and thought we might look for a place to see and take pictures for souvenirs; that day was sunny and the water was so calm. My kids had a great time climbing the rocks and enjoy the nice weather. We bought a mango ice cream for 250 yen.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farmer's Market

  • I always buy vegetables and fruits at the farmer's market right across the Veedol Plaza or the Super City Asahi or whatever they call it :-)

  • Everything over there is so cheap and that's why I buy a lot of fruits for my kids. One time, my friend and I bought 4 pieces of big cabbage for just 100 yen (~$1) so we shared the cabbage I got 2 pcs and she got 2 too only for 50 yen (hahaha I know it's simple math just to make it clear) . Onions for 500yen for 18pcs. I think it's better if you shop with your friends so you can buy/share with them.

  • The persimmon is not that cheap compared to California's and after a week the persimmon got a lot cheaper in Veedol plaza, 8pcs for 280 yen, maybe when they were selling these they're not in season yet.
  1. First picture is persimmon fruits
  2. Second Picture is apples
  3. Third Picture is the Farmer's Market Place right across Veedol Plaza
Directions: Coming from POL gate only, I live off-base and I'm not familiar coming from the main gate.
  1. From POL gate go straight and you will pass Lawson, Asahi Super Drug, make a right when you see Universe on the corner of the street. Universe is on the left.
  2. Go straight, you will pass McDonald's.
  3. You will see on your right side is the "Super City Asahi" sign.
  4. Make a right on this stop light.
  5. Parking lot is on your left and the Farmer's Market is on your left too. Across this parking lot is the Super City Asahi or Veedol Plaza.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Universe Store

One of my favorite grocery stores is Universe. I seldom buy vegetables and seafood in the commissary. I always buy vegetables and other japanese food here like frozen tako yaki, shrimp tempura and gyoza. Sometimes we buy sushi, tuna roll, salmon and tuna sashimi if I'm lazy to cook our dinner.
  1. From POL gate go straight until you see Universe at the left (pass Asahi Super Drug).
  2. Make a left on the stop light or you can turn left before the stop light going to the parking lot.
  • The first picture is the view when you make a left on the traffic light.
  • The second picture is the one you will see coming from the POL gate before the stoplight.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giga Outlet Store

  1. Giga Outlet is a furniture store located in Shimoda, close to Shimoda Mall.
  2. I bought some furnitures here (like book shelf, bar stools, CD/DVD shelf, etc.) which are cheap compared to Homac and Sunday Store. I also bought curtains here since I live off-base, the price is 1000 yen for 2 panels so it's like ~$5 for each panel. Pretty cheap, huh? I also bought carpet and area rugs. I really love shopping here to decorate our house.

    Directions: (sorry I don't know how to get here using toll road but it only takes 10-15 minutes coming from Misawa Ice Arena area where I live)

    1. From Misawa AB's POL Gate go straight and make a left on Universe (you will pass Asahi Super Drug)
    2. Go straight, you will pass Eneos Gas Station and Family Mart, continue driving make a right when you see Lawson Store on the right and you will see signs going to AEON mall which is the Shimoda Mall.
    3. Go straight you will pass farm fields continue driving for approximately 10 minutes until you see on the right side the Shimoda Mall.
    4. Make a right where you can see Shimoda Mall, you will see a blue overpass ( I think) and this is where you will make a right turn.
    5. Go straight until you see Giga outlet on the right side, Giga outlet is before Shimoda mall.
    6. Make a U-turn in front of Giga Outlet.
    7. When you make a u-turn Giga outlet is on your left hand side and parking lot is big.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kushibiki Hachimangu Shrine

Kushibiki Hachimangu Shrine

It is said that this shrine was built by the Nanbu Clan.

The shrine houses many national treasures, including "Akaito no O-yoroi" and "Shiroito no O-yoroi", the greatest of Japanese armors.

We went to this shrine with the free bus tour offered by Misawa AB for new comers. And I can't remember on how to get there :-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Asamushi Aquarium

Asamushi Aquarium is located in Aomori. Kids may enjoy the dolphin show but of course it's incomparable to Seaworld (for those of you who have been to Sea World). There are a lot of different type of fish, penguin (remember happy feet movie? there was a mexican accent penguin, I don't remember that kind of penguin but I saw him there hehehe)big squid, huge stingray, sharks, nemo (clown fish) and dory ( I forget what kind of fish is dory from nemo movie :-)'s blue! :-) :-)...and many more.

Directions: We got the directions from ITT and too sad.....we got lost following that directions.

One of the pictures that I uploaded shows the map going to Aquarium and I hope this will give you an idea on how to get there. I just remember we ended up taking the route 4 all the way to the aquarium without taking the toll road, we just enjoyed the scenery and forget that we didn't find the toll road entrance just drove around the bay.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Misawa Ice Arena

Misawa Ice Arena is adjacent to Misawa International Center (MIC).

The first picture is the front view of the MIC.
The second picture was taken from across Family Mart, from the tire store that has yellow painted wall, this is the back view of the ice arena.

Directions: (same directions on going to Misawa International Center)

1. From Misawa AB's POL gate go straight and make a left on Universe Store

2. Go straight and pass Eneos Gas Station

3. Left turn on the next road after that gas station (before Family Mart)

4. Make a right on the T- intersection

5. Misawa Ice Arena is in that corner of that road

6. Parking Lot Entrance is on the right side

Misawa International Center

Misawa International Center (MIC) is next to Misawa Ice Arena you can hold meetings and other group activities here in MIC.

1. From POL gate of Misawa AB go straight and make a left on Universe Grocery store
2. Go straight and pass Eneos gas station, you will pass rice fields on both sides of the road (or maybe a raddish field, whatever vegetables are those :-)) after you pass this field make a left, you may see Family Mart which is on the right side (but you must make a left before family mart)

3. If you pass family Mart you already passed the road.
4. After turning left, go straight and there is a T-intersection, make a right turn and you will see Misawa Ice Arena, pass the entrance of ice arena and right after that is the MIC entrance parking lot make a right and you will see MIC on your left side. MIC and Ice Arena are both sharing parking lots.


If you happen to pass the family mart you can make a left on the next road and make another left on the first road, and go straight and you will see parking lot on your left hand side.

By the way, this is where we sometimes hold our group worship service.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hachinohe Botanical Garden

These pictures were taken during the first week of fall 2008. Trees are still green, no signs of fall season yet but this day was cloudy and the sun really didn't show up :-(

Directions: If you have any friends who have been living in Misawa for 2 years or more ask them the directions or ask them if they can come with you in Hachinohe and follow them :-).

It was my first time to go to hachinohe botanical garden and I 'm sorry but I can not remember the route we took :-)

Hachinohe Children's Land

This is a nice place for kids. Kids will enjoy the go kart, bump cars, slides, ferris wheel, bike ride and many more.

The botanical garden is adjacent to it. The entrance is free but need to pay each ride.
This is our first time to go to this place and I'm sorry I can not help you with directions I was totally confused getting here we just followed our friends going to this place. So I bet better ask your friends too who may know about this place :-)