Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Shootout: Gardens

We don't have a garden in our house and even our neighboring area and so last Tuesday (the only day this week that we had a nice warm weather) my friends and I walked to few blocks away from home to find some gardens just for this Friday shootout. How come I was always in rush when it comes to Friday shootout? hehehe.

I found some houses that have nice gardens but I can't go inside (I wish I could) hahaha...of course otherwise I would be charged as trespassing. So here are some of my shots, just bear with my photos, I did not have time to edit those:

Sorry but I'm not a flower expert I don't even know the name of these flowers :-)

Some tulips in the middle of the garden

Cherry blossom and bonsai inside someone's garden :-)

I saw this house with a small garden but no flowers, but the sidewalk has tulips :-) I wanted to take those tulips with me but I don't know if I could do that :-)

Different colors of tulips along the side of the fence of this huge house, the following shots below were taken from this, just browse the photos below:

What's your name???

Orange Tulip

Yellow tulip

Red tulips

Tulips again

White tulip


Hey what's your name?? :-)


Jen said...

Really, really gorgeous photos. I could almost smell them, the colors are so vivid and the detail is so exquisite.

Elaine Dale said...

Nice, crisp shots!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Gorgeous photos! I want some of those pink & white tulips :)

"What's your name???" > the yellow is a daffodil, but I'm not sure what the black grass is which it's growing through.

And the purple & white at the end look a bit like alyssum, but it's hard to tell without scale (alyssum flowers are pretty tiny, and smell of honey).

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh're priceless and you always make me smile!!
As Rachel said those yellow buttercup looking flowers are daffodil's and they bloom in the early, early Spring here and are already gone. The other flower looks like a Shasta Daisy.
Your shots are wonderful girl!! You didn't do any "drive-by's" did you, lol.
Have an EXTREME weekend and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm not sure why you asked us to bear with your photos because they were unedited...heck...they are gorgeous the way they are! If you edited them, my eyes would fall out.

Kim said...

Wonderful Shots! I wandered around your blog a little, and enjoyed it immensely.
I work for Yanmar, one of our plants are in Nagahama, and headquarters in Osaka, both of which I've had the most excellent opportunity to visit.

Your photos remind me of the times spent there.
Japan is such a beautiful country, and the people are priceless!

Doreen said...

beautiful photos and fantastic job! love the close up shots.....

Chef E said...

Oh I love what you took and the closeups of the flowers are so beautiful, at least you had real sunshine and not peeping tom sun through rain clouds...the answer I decided was the hubbub of green foliage all year, so it is the trees, grass, and bushes everywhere!

Maybe a little tomato, and farmers markets through the summer!

Thanks for coming over!

Barry said...

The closeups are beautiful, the colours are rich, the joy in your photos is obvious. I'm impressed and delighted.

Gordon said...

I know the names of those flowers! They're "Yellow Ones"! I know my flowers. You did a great job. Beauty is all around you.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

MIssy, your flower pictures are just wonderful, so close up and clear! The colors show up wonderfully! good photography there! I really loved seeing the home with their gardens, it gives me a peek into another world, a place that I would love to see in person, but it is just so much fun to see it thru your eyes here on your blog. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us. Debby

J9 said...

The daffodils are very pretty, as are the varigated tulips!

Patty said...

Hello Missy, I am running behind this week, but here I am!

Gosh, you did another beaut of a job. I was ready to get the scissors out and cut a few flowers, but I was brought back to my senses by a mosquito buzzing around my head. Or was it a honey bee?

Scrumptious colors and fine composition make this another great post from one of my favorite photographers.

Kelly said...

gorgeous tulips!!! I can't wait to move back to the mainland!

Joy said...

Ayan naman pala eh. Ang daming tulips! Pero mas maganda pa rin if you can visit Keukenhof. Sumama ka dun sa bus-load of Japanese na nagtu-tour dito :D

Nice shots, Missy!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for more of the Keukenhof series!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

It really is spring. Great shots!

Reena said...

haha..."what's your name?" :) kaw tlaga.

i specially liked the one blooming on the road island.

Missy said...

TO ALL- Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring comments. Sorry I wasn't able to reply each one of you coz I was busy the whole weekend. Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

gigi said...

I'm sorry I don't know how I missed you last week in the gardens. These are such lovely photos. Just perfect color.