Monday, May 18, 2009

Hachinohe Children's Land

Ferris wheel and other rides :-)


bike ride

Go Cart

Find the monkeys :-)

Here they are! There is also a small petting zoo aside from these monkeys but we were late already when we got here and didn't get the chance to see the other animals.


I ran out of camera battery so these 2 shots below were taken from my cellphone and these were not that clear compared to the above photos....but still I like my cell cam for backups :-)


Statue of (???) I don't know the name hahaha

This is my second time to feature Hachinohe Children's Land on my blog, last time was fall and it's a bit cloudy. Lucky it was a nice warm weather when we got here last week.

Hachinohe Children's Land is a 30 to 40 minute drive from Misawa.

Entrance is free

ticket price per ride:

kids- 100 yen or ~$1
adult- 200 yen or ~$2

parking: free


Directions: I forgot hahaha


Rico said...

That satue looks so familiar. I think I saw that in a cartoon somewhere. Pokemon maybe? That park somehow reminds me of the Enchanted Kingdom theme park we have here too, sans the animals.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are just magical! Looks like you had perfect weather for your visit. Love the monkeys!

Missy said...

Rico- thanks for dropping by, yes this is like Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines but this has fewer rides. I don't know the name of that statue :-)

Mildred- Thanks for visiting my blog ad yes it's a perfect weather when we came here.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cool place! Looks like a lot of fun!

Patty said...

Children's Land? Oh, I would love it there. It looks like so much fun.

Take a ride for me one day on the Ferris wheel. Love that boat.

Always carry extra batteries.

Joy said...

Everything looks so cute - especially the statues!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for more of Norwich!

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Garando said...

That's a very cute theme park! I bet your kids had a lot of fun in that ferris wheel. ;)

Missy said...

Jen, Patty and Joy- yes it's fun to go there but I just tried the go cart :-) I enjoyed walking and taking pictures LOL

Garando- they didn't try the ferris wheel hahaha they were scared and we were late when we came and the kids didn't have so much time to try all the rides maybe next time :-)