Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Shootout- Transportation

I'm joining again Patty (from Crisfield, Maryland) and Reggie Girl's (from Newnan, Georgia) Friday Shootout...... "transportation" (aside from your private vehicles) which was picked by Science Girl. The list of the other bloggers who joined this shootout can be found in GingerV and Butler and Bagman's blogs and others, I can't remember who else has it :-)

Misawa's modes of transportation around the neighboring towns and cities (aside from privately own vehicles) are bike, taxi, bus and train. I don't know if I have to include the airplane but I don't have photos of it. So maybe just go to Japan Airlines website and you'll see the different planes they have hahaha :-)

Some photos were taken in Tokyo, Sendai and Misawa as I wasn't able to take good photos around my town this week :-) anyways they do share the common transportation so I hope it should be ok :-)

This photo was taken in downtown Tokyo, bicycles were parked on the designated bike parking lot, I noticed all their bikes have basket in front :-)

Students in Misawa were biking on their way home

Taxis- this was taken in Sendai (5 hour drive from Misawa)

Taxi in Misawa- this is how the back of taxi looks like :-)

Train, taken in a subway train station in Tokyo last February- we also have train here in Misawa a lot of people especially teenagers are taking the train going to Hachinohe the closest city in Misawa, I haven't tried taking the train here yet. They have basic and express tickets.

JR Line train

Inside the train in Tokyo- I noticed that most people were wearing black suits and shoes :-)

Public bus, the "cat bus" in Misawa, this was posted from the previous shootout, "streets around your town"

Tour bus- this was the bus we took going to Sendai, bus tour package is $50 round trip, sometimes people are taking the tour bus to travel outside Misawa

Inside the bus

Another bus here in Misawa

Shinkansen or bullet train taken in Tokyo. Misawa has no bullet train, but if you want to go to Tokyo, you have to take the regular train going to Hachinohe; it takes you 15 minutes and from Hachinohe to Tokyo will be about 3 1/2 hour by bullet train. Driving by car is about 8 to 10 hours depending on how fast you drive :-)


Disney train- if you want to go to Tokyo DisneySea or Tokyo Disney Land you have to take their Disney train from the main entrance as you get off from the Maihama JR train station and you have to pay 250 yen each way otherwise you have to walk half day just to get there :-) (LOL joke)


Sarah Lulu said...

Lovely to meet you ....loved the cat bus!!!

Doreen said...

the cat bus is so cute! and interesting how everyone is dressed on the train. awesome post!

Garando said...

Nice photos Missy! Glad to see that "cat" bus again. Two more things I love about Japan: the Bike friendly cities, and the taxi's automatic passenger doors. :D

Barry said...

Excellent Missy. And you got in a shot of the bullet train!

I really enjoyed my tour!

Missy said...

Sara and Doreen- I know you will like the cat bus :-)

Garando- you're right, a lot of people are using bike as their mode of transportation and the automatic passenger doors are cool although I haven't tried taking the taxi here, but I once took one when we were in Okinawa, Japan.

Barry- thanks, yes at first I didn't know it was bullet train I even checked the map just to make sure it was, and I was right :-)

Butler and Bagman said...

I, too, liked the cat bus and bullet train...also the Disney train. Great colors.

Owl Eng said...

nice shots!! very interesting to tour around there in different mode of transportation! The cat bus is fabulous

gigi said...

Wow, I just loved the train. All the people look so quite and in thought. Bikes and baskets I'm just sure come in so handy in the city. Who would have thought you'd have a cat bus. My GRAND~girls would just love riding that. Great pictures.

sciencegirl said...

love that cat bus! Thanks for the tour - glad I found your blog!

Kelly said...

WOW~ I feel like I live in a third world country after seeing all of these modes of transportation! Hawaii has been fighting against ferry systems and trains for so long and there are so many people in this little island! It should look like your pictures by now! Great, Great photos!

Gordon said...

I want a ride on the cat bus! If the bus clips the side of somebody's car, are the victims "cat nipped?'

Jen said...

I still love that cat bus best - all your photos were great though.

Lei said...

I love these pictures of Japannn!! =)

Reena said...

i miss biking! marunong pa kaya ako? :)

i like that cat bus.

Mildred said...

Nice to meet you Missy. What colorful, great photos you have provided this week. Of course, I love the cat and the bullet train.

J9 said...

The bullet train must be amazing to ride, and I like that you included the disney train!

Joy said...

You really went whole hog with the theme! It was very interesting to see all those modes of transportation, especially the 'cat' one.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for the penultimate photo in the Keukenhof series!

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Elaine Dale said...

I wonder if there's a Hello Kitty bus somewhere!?

Missy said...

butler and bagman, owl eng, gigi, science girl - thanks for dropping by and you liked my bat bus shot :-)

Kelly- I know Hawaii has only bus, trolley and taxi as modes of public transportation and that's why Honolulu is jam packed during rush hours. Last year they started the ferry boat from Makakilo to Honolulu and I don't know if you still have it until now(??)

Gordon- hahaha maybe yes, cat nipped LOL

Jen and Lei- thanks you still like the cat bus :-)

Reena- I'm sure you still do know how to bike, we might start biking this summer, we'll see if I can handle that hahaha

Mildred- nice to meet you too and thanks for dropping by

J9- I haven't tried the bullet train yet maybe one of these days we'll try it :-)

Joy- actually I didn't have time to take photos last week so I dug some photos that I can post here :-)

Elaine- Yes there is a hello kitty bus but it's only painted with hello kitty not the same as the cat bus here :-)

Kim said...

What colorful shots! Love the bike shots all lined up with baskets...Very nice.