Monday, May 4, 2009

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival- Street and Exotic Food

Snail ??? eewww :-)

Octopus barbecue?

Sweet Potato Fries

Squid Barbecue

Fried Banana covered with flour

Cotton Candy

Ice Cream for 100 yen~ $1

Boiled Sweet Rice ??? I don't know the names

squid and chicken barbecue

sweet corn for 300 yen~ $3

Fresh Strawberry coated with syrup for 100 yen ~$1, wohoo way too much; 1 pack of strawberries is only 250 yen ~$2.50

Street Food Stalls

Hungry people walking :-) to get some food


These photos were taken last week, April 25 during the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival. There were lots of street food to choose from, you will never ever feel hungry here :-) but bring lots of yen, some food are expensive.


bertN said...

Interesting street food. Kaya lang ang mahal naman nung iba. A single strawberry with syrup for a buck!

hensly said...

Oishi desu ne! (Delicious!). My favorite Japanese street food would have to be Tako-yaki (Squid balls) Yum!

Jhay said...

my favorites were the sweet corn and banana fritter balls! heheh... i want some!

burn said...

Nakakagutom naman yan.. sweet corn lang yong gusto ko... hahaha.

Masaya siguro itong festival nato...

Joy said...

As a pescotarian, some of those they were selling appealed to me. However, you are right - way too expensive. Is it ok if I brought my own food to the fair? :D

Sorry for not visiting sooner. I was away for 3 days. Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for a new series!

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Missy said...

bertN- I know, some food were really expensive especially the strawberries w/ syrup; I didn't buy that :-) I bought the sweet corn although it's $3 hehehe

hensly- I like tako yaki and my kids too :-) Our first time to taste that was in Hawaii :-)

Jhay- yeah sweet corn was very sweet for $3 :-) and the fried banana I want to try and make that at home

burn- thanks for visiting my blog; there were lots of food to choose from, I wanted to try all :-) but some were expensive

Joy- ohh so you're pescotarian??!! I wish I could be like you :-) eating healthy food hehehe; yes you could bring food. A lot of Japanese brought their own food and had their picnic inside the park

Abe Lincoln said...

These excellent photographs brought back a lot of memories. They are all very nice. I didn't see any soba.

Missy said...

abe- thanks for stopping by, you should visit Japan again :-)

Garando said...

That boiled thingie is called "Oden" yata, and it's served during winter. I love eating Oden tapos I drink the broth after. hehehe.
Ayaw mo ng snails?? Ang sarap kaya! Sabagay si Garandee ayaw din nun... :D